Tretton: PS3 Motion Controller Might Be Back-Compatible

Last week at Sony's E3 press conference, the company unveiled a motion controller for the PlayStation 3. This week, Sony's President and CEO of SCEA said that the motion controller just might be backwards compatible with older PlayStation 3 games.

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Godmars2903180d ago

Aside from Oblivion and Fallout 3, Demon's Soul, I'd love to know what.

Mind you, that would probably be enough.

Da One3180d ago

It would be wonderful

Mu5afir3180d ago

I am sure this can be implemented on Killzone / Resistance and possibly MAG when it comes out. Since it's true 1:1 controls, there won't be a need to adjust the software / games. All you would have to do is, correct the controls to fit the game.

Rainstorm813180d ago

other than first person shooters, What games could it be used with effectively.

Mu5afir3180d ago

It can be used for almost any sport games.. and Action RPGs would be good too. The only place I see this system having problems is Racing and Fighting games.. but those games have their own proprietary controls anyways.

Kain813180d ago

remember when the Devs said that they want to include more content,
maybe they thought about this.

Downtown boogey3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

I also firmly believe that EVERY forthcoming PS3 game will also support those Motion Controls, too and that Sony will release a new PS3 SKU that'll only include the Motion Controls (and the Playstation Eye...) thus replacing the SixAxis/DS3 ENTIRELY.

Kinda worried about what they'll cost separately... :(

TechWiz3180d ago

The best game I can think of is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. This is a third-person action game.

ChozenWoan3180d ago

I'd say they would work for any game including fighting and racing games. At the heart of the system it's still a PSEye which still can track your body movements. The PSLightsticks just add an extreme level of precision and additional inputs. Not to mention, when boxing you rarely cross your arms, and even then the system can adjust by using your body's position.

As far as racing games are concerned, it will work, but to be honest that's what GT racing wheels are for. Force feedback as well as real pedals, and gear shifting FTW!

phosphor1123180d ago

Or is it Free to Play? If so, I'm picking it up when I get the money..this

thereapersson3180d ago

It's free; Demons Souls is not an MMO.

phosphor1123180d ago

But thanks for the info though.

AKNAA3180d ago

If this motion controller is backwards compatible with killzone 2 and resistance 2, I'd definitely replay them again!

FamilyGuy3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Imagine, you could use this for casting spells in FFXIII or for in games like Valkeria Chronicles but i would prefer to play games developed for the tech rather than it being a tacked on option to games that are already released.
Real 1:1 movement has to be in the games code from the start, adding it to older games makes this more like the what the wii is doing or what M$ is going to do.

All-33180d ago

Errrrr... how about sports games like Golf or Tennis games for starters?

Delive3180d ago

Oblivion is the perfect fit. Ratchet & Clank. T Woods/Hot SHots golf. Any game that has an editing engine (LBP, Far Cry 2, Modnation racers, Hell, UT3 if they made a tool for the PS3). Any RTS. Mouse style MMO's. RE5 would have been great.

The Great Melon3180d ago

I believe what he meant by backwards compatible is that it will retain all of the functions that a the DualShock 3 is capable of along with the added motion features. This enables it to be used with older games that did not have motion features. I highly doubt that they would add a new control scheme to older games.

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madmonkey03180d ago

that would be Great! if the have enough buttons there is no reason it cant be used in any game

Raoh3180d ago

LOL sony exec's should not comment on anything related to backward compatibility in any form of the term.

DavidMacDougall3180d ago

LOL I came into this article with the same thing in mind

LeShin3180d ago

But my PS3 is fully backwards compatible with my PS2 games, so I'll let him off :)

joydestroy3180d ago

yeah. might and ARE are two completely different things.

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Stryfeno23180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

What about making the 80gb PS3 I brought Back-Compatible, Jack?

dannyhinote_133180d ago

Well, that's impossible. Maybe future iterations -- but that's unlikely. They need to drop price.

NegativeCreep4273180d ago

Why the f*ck do you even care...Patchstation?

zok3103180d ago

“Personally, it’s very difficult for me to perceive ‘God of War 3’ being played with the Wii controller,”.....

Hint, hint GOW3 to use motion confirmed...
No I kid, would be sweet thought. PS3's future is bright regardless of price.

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