Kombo: E3 2009: Darksiders Hands-On

Kombo writes: "My first experience with Darksiders was at last year's E3, when the dev team showed me a 30 minute guided demo of a church level. What I saw impressed me greatly. The dark, gothic art style, fused with a DMC style gameplay mechanic made me believe that this may be the perfect title to scratch my action gaming itch until God of War III makes its eventual debut. News on the title went dark for a while (no pun intended), but the game was back and playable on the show floor at this year's E3, and it's looking even better than what I saw the last time around.

Darksiders places you in the shoes of War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. War and his fellow riders are summoned to bring about the destruction and ruin of Earth but there's a problem, the Apocalypse wasn't supposed to happen yet. Now there are demons wandering the land and all fingers point at War as the cause of the sudden mayhem. He must therefore venture out to discover the truth behind what's happening, clear his name and do whatever he can to set things right..."

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SH3MRON3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

...I am looking forward to this game since the Art style of Joe Mad is incredible if he wasn't so dam lazy Battle Chasers would have been one of the best comics around. I'm just praying he won't do it again.

The author isn't a comic fan by the looks of it comparing Todd with Joe lol maybe he does not know the art and story are from Joe.