Kombo: E3 2009: God of War III Hands-On

Kombo writes: "What the Game's About

Few original properties have received the kind of critical acclaim and immediate fan support as the God of War franchise. It's not hard to understand why. The perfect waypoint between Eastern and Western design philosophies, God of War expertly balances style and substance, enthralling players with combat that is instantly accessible, deceptively nuanced, and always brutally cinematic. A delightfully operatic narrative that draws as much from comic books as it does real Greek myth serves as the perfect backdrop for the carnage, and it gives the developers the freedom to concoct increasingly epic encounters. God of War III doesn't try to revolutionize the successful formula, but the developers have managed to leverage incremental upgrades to Kratos' weaponry, move-set and rogues gallery into unique and thrilling moments. One of the most impressive, fun, and straight-up cool games on the show-floor, God of War III dominated the competition at E3 2009..."

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