Kotaku: Joy Ride Preview

Avatars, long-caged in Xbox 360 waiting rooms, finally have a chance to cut loose on dirt race tracks, better still Joy Ride is free for Xbox Live gold members.

Well, free if you don't spend a dime on customization, new tracks or tricks. Is Joy Ride a fun freebie from Microsoft or a Trojan Horse packed with microtransactions?

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KionicWarlord2223358d ago

"Joy Ride is a slick, easy to play racer that offers a lot more fun than you might expect. It also comes with those hidden costs, but since the basic pack is free it's hard to say it's not worth picking up."

*taps foot* He`s a cooking somethin up.

green3358d ago

Free karting game for the 360, well who can complain?

mastiffchild3358d ago

Do you have to use your avatar? I don't like having to have one to begin with. I have no problems with the micro trnsactions though unless by buying tricks you get some advantage that makes it unfair on those who can't afford to.

Avatars and Mii's though I can do without if I'm honest-I find 'em creepy. Oh well-you even look like having to make a cutesy character in Modnation Racers too. The damn things are everywhere. It's good that this is an added bonus for your Live sub, though, and MS should do more things like this to woo people with kids/people unsure if the cost is worth it for them into buying a sub.