The Portable Gamer Review: TaxiBall for the iPhone

TPG writes, "Move over Crazy Taxi, this cabbie's got balls! Customers are in for one hell of a ride as you slam your way through city streets, jump over lakes and try to avoid ice patches, all in the name of dead presidents. Money is your main goal, and people don't want to pay up unless you've managed to get them to their destination in a reasonable amount of time, unshaken and dry. The more time you take, more walls you slam into, and more swimming lessons you give your clients, the less dough they'll cough up for your services."

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Neco5123329d ago

Looks like a really fun game! those tilt controls make me sick though

CrAppleton3329d ago

Tilt controls rock here man.. This game is super fun!

supercharger51503329d ago

Really? I prefer the tilt controls and controls using the accelerometer rather than the buttons on screen.

Neco5123329d ago

Crazy taxi, but with balls, haha I like it

reluctant_gamer3329d ago

Going to take a look at it right now!

CrAppleton3329d ago

As the rest of you reading this should.. it's an awesome game!

wondroushippo3329d ago

New Crazy Taxi-esque action for like a buck? Totally worth it.