Keep your MMO out of my RPG!

Justin Kemppainen, Minnesota Games Examiner, writes:

It seems like there has been a recent trend in video games, particularly RPGs, to add more and more elements of their massive-multiplayer cousins to their own things. This is not a good thing.

The best possible scenario that can be comparable to this is that of the early 2000's trend for everything to either be or contain elements of reality television. The interview stuff (Weakest Link, Fear Factor) where they talk to the slack-jawed yokels, who then say how they're going to beat the competition because they have the proper amount of gumption, or whatever, to do so.

I'm speaking, most specifically, at this time of Final Fantasy XII, which hops on the glorious bandwagon of MMOs with its loot system, cursed-odds drops, and grind-tastic gaming. For example:

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