In Assassins Creed 3 Desmond becomes the Ultimate Assassin

A Ubisoft representative at E3 2009 has said: "It's always been planned to be a trilogy, and Desmond is going back [in time, using the Animus] to [eventually] become the ultimate assassin. Can't tell you any more, though."

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LarVanian3327d ago

So does this mean that in AC3 you will play as Desmond in the year 2012?

Supa3327d ago

I hope so!

Do you remember the messages on the wall at the end of Assassin's Creed 1? When translated they say that the world will end that year... and other writings reveal that on that date Abstergo plans to launch a satellite into space that will "permanently end the war".

To me that sounds like something Desmond will want to stop from happening!

KionicWarlord2223327d ago

I will be a real assassin in real life!

belal3327d ago

then talk about AC3 biaaaaaaotch

SuperSharpShooter3327d ago

the first sucked,soo boring..forget about AC3 and put your efforts in AC2 first!

MegaMohsi3327d ago

Couldn't most people have seen this coming? AC- one timeline, AC 2- another timeline in the past and AC 3- present day or later