The top ten video games of the coming year

The Standard writes: "At the E3 convention in Los Angeles last week I got to see a lot of what the video game industry has to offer in the coming year. Hands down, the best technology I saw at the show came from Microsoft in the form of Project Natal, the company's motion-sensing system which detects your body movements and relegates the handheld controller to the dust bin. But since that system isn't part of a game yet, I can't give it an award as the best new game.

In my view, the following are my picks for the best games shown at the event. These are the games that left me with my jaw hanging open. They're titles that I want to play as well as some that I think will be blockbusters (regardless of whether they're debuting in 2009 or 2010). I'm limiting my choices to games where I saw some actual game play, and I haven't included the "top sleeper" or the "top kids games" because those lists are coming later. Feel free to challenge my list with opinions of your own. I've put the games in order, starting with the best."

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qface643357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

no metroid/golden sun or any of the other great upcoming games but beatles rockband is on the list o_O huh

Marcelles253357d ago

but no Operation Flashpoint 2?

Tiberium3357d ago

I think Operation Flashpoint 2 is going to be good. I mean it's far more realistic than CoD4 (not graphically but gameplay-wise). Maybe one of the most realistic military shooters.