Call of Duty: WaW Shi No Numa HD Trailer

Koku Gamer writes: "Here is a HD trailer of the upcoming Call of Duty: World at War Shi No Numa DLC. It's action packed and looks great. Hit the jump for a viewing and enjoy."

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Cinotix3082d ago

I darn. too bad I sold the game, I should have kept it.

Ziriux3082d ago

Yea, I had issues with it, I didn't want to loose my taste for future Call of Duty titles, so I made sure that I not play it so that way I'll be going crazy with Modern Warfare 2.

WengYong3082d ago

Especially seeing that WaW was nowhere near as good as Modern Warfare. Seems like Wolfenstein a bit. Or maybe its just me

CroTech223082d ago

Not at all my friend. Wolfenstein was about twice better in gameplay and concept.

TheAntiFanboy3082d ago


Bad acronym is bad.

Seriously, that's all I can think of.

brocool3082d ago

damn.. I traded mine as well!

Feel like buying it again though..

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dachiefsman3082d ago

so freaking awesome especially with the new weapon, the new perk system,
and environment kills options = endless fun!!!

Ziriux3082d ago

That is wrong hehe, looks are something.

dachiefsman3082d ago

Have you played any of the other zombie maps??? The first one was good, the second great, and this is probably gonna be even better.

damnwrx3082d ago

Keep me going 'til MW2....

Ziriux3082d ago

Lol, i don't understand how you can play it all the time.

Shade3603082d ago

this map pack will keep me and many others going for many months to come.

Ziriux3082d ago

I'm sure we'll see another one soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.