IncGamers: Red Steel 2 Preview

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani takes a swing at Red Steel 2.

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Leord3354d ago

A picture like that can only mean WIN.

Fyzzu3354d ago

This had damn well be better than the first one. Such a good concept, such a terrible game.

And why do I think this is going to be the only comment that's not focused on the girl?

qface643354d ago

but did she actually pose in that pic for red steel? or is this just photoshop?

thetamer3354d ago

Apparantely she's the red steel girl. I'll give her some steel. MMM

qface643354d ago

ehm ok???

also why is she famous? is it off that show or whatever?

Leord3354d ago

Famous? What do you mean by famous?

Who said she was famous?

she's just a near naked girl with a sword that happens to be in the game :P

qface643354d ago

that's that tila tequila chick
she has or had i dunno her own reality tv show shes like very well known everywhere for some reason and she seems to have allot of money off of whatever she did to make that money

she was well known before that show
so im wondering where and why? do people know her?

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ZASKARK1233354d ago

she looks almost as hot as my avatar.

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