Halo 2 Q&A - Examining the New District Level

Learn more about the exclusive new urban-combat level that will ship in the PC version of the blockbuster Xbox action game.

When the Windows Vista version of Halo 2 arrives in the coming months, not only will it include all the content that was released for the Xbox version in terms of the original game and the separate multiplayer map pack, but it also will come with some extras. There's a new level editor, along with the ability to earn achievement points over Games for Windows - Live--the Windows Vista version of the popular Xbox Live service--and two new maps built for the PC version.

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Neutral Gamer4265d ago

It's good to see that PC owners will get some new features after the time they've had to wait for it to come out. I like the quote:

"When our team plays large multiplayer games, controller players regularly school the keyboard/mouse players, and vice versa."

Looks like us console familiar players will still have a chance to p4wn the game every now and then! The increased resolution is great and obviously expected on a PC game but it's the Level Editor that should make all us Halo fanboys fulfill our ultimate dreams!

Still, wish they'd increased the quality of the textures though ...

The BS Police4265d ago

That Multiplayer Map should be available for Xbox 1/360 owners to.

Neutral Gamer4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Yeah it would be cool if us Xbox/Xbox 360 owners could get the new PC map, but we are getting the two new maps that Bungie recently announced (if we pay), so although not perfect, it is a fair compromise.

Better than nothing hey! :)

Robotz Rule4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Don't you think?,many Halo fans(Including me) have played the sh*t out of Halo 1 and 2 and are hyped up about how great Halo 3 will be,I think this move should have been made last year!

Halo still rocks!,Halo 3 continue the greatest dynasty ever!!!!!

SlyDark Star4264d ago

I love maps like Headlong,Coagulation,Containme nt and this maps looks better then all of them.Not fair.

zonetrooper54264d ago

It does look like an excellent map, maybe it will soon come out for us to buy on the Xbox 360 and Xbox.