Could video games be a Wagnerian form of art?

Wilhelm Richard Wagner was a 19th century German composer that changed musical theory forever with his idea by the name of Gesamtkunstwerk, or as we English speaking people say: "total artwork". The concept sought after an amalgamation of as many art types as possible to create a transcendent and glorious musical piece that could stimulate the audience in as many ways as possible. Wagner believed that such pursuits represented the artistic ideal.

The success of the video game industry is often considered to be little more than a pop culture phenomenon aimed simply towards appealing society's basic desires for violent and sexual imagery. But just as there stands a difference between an action-packed blockbuster movie and a masterful motion picture, there is a vast array of differences between the violent likes of Grand Theft Auto and the more thoughtful games that are out there. Some games are full of hooker-homicides and drive-by shootings like Grand Theft Auto. Others are full of god-killing endless gore like God of War. Still more depict the lead character curb-stomping and chain-sawing monsters in half like Gears of War. While each of these games has its potential entertainment value, there are games out there with life-enriching themes that will touch and move gamers perhaps even better than some of the better works of literature and motion picture.

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