Square Enix @ E3: The Aftermath

Final Fantasy Union writes "People probably expected a few surprises, but it'd be difficult to find anyone who accurately predicted what actually happened with regards to Square Enix at this year's E3.

There were rumblings about Codename Rapture being shown for the first time prior to the event, but nobody expected Square Enix (or Sony in this case) to officially unveil it as Final Fantasy XIV. Furthermore, it was even more surprising that it will be released as soon as next year, the first time in the franchise's history that two numerical Final Fantasy titles will be released in the same calendar year."

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Selyah3270d ago

The Final Fantasy XIV announcement came as a complete surprise, really hyped about that.

qface643270d ago

you know i forget they were even at E3 they didn't really show or reveal anything at all

only big thing was FF14 but sony unveiled that one

mephman3270d ago

Pretty much the same as last year then.

SpoonyRedMage3270d ago

From what I know Square Enix originally planned to unveil FFXIV but Sony asked for a favour at the last minute so they could reveal it. Could be untrue though.

Square Enix didn't really do much except getting all three console makers to advertise their games!

mephman3270d ago

I don't think that's true, but I know that things didn't necessarily go as planned.

SpoonyRedMage3270d ago

Yer, I'm not sure how true it is but a whole bunch of places have claimed that. I doubt it's as last minute as some people are suggesting but I think it was quite short notice.

@PS360Wii: True, it is too bad they didn't show other games as well like Dragon Quest Wars. I want to know more about the SE/Intelligent Systems collaboration damnit!

PS360WII3270d ago

OH! Didn't even know about Dragon Quest Wars 0.0 thanks :)

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PS360WII3270d ago

SE just showed that contrary to popular belief they are supporting every single console out on the market. To bad they didn't show off any DQIX but the MMO did look hawt ^^

mephman3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I guess they figured it'd be pointless to show a game to an audience that for the most part doesn't give a damn.

PS360WII3270d ago

b-b-but I care :(

Yeah unfortunate as it is that is definitely true... even though a lot of people thought DQVIII rocked. Which it did but there are other titles in the series!

SpoonyRedMage3270d ago

You better mean Western audience because if you mean the DS audience I'll have to kill you(because you'd be wrong)... I'm sure you mean Western audience though...

I am actually surprised though, I thought it would have been shown at Nintendo''s conference because Iwata said it's his goal to make Dragon Quest as popular as Final Fantasy or Pokémon in the west. Missed a chance really...