GamePro Review: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

If I had to rank all of the Indiana Jones adventures in order of best to worst, I'd put The Last Crusade at the top -- that's an easy decision. The second best Indy adventure is just as easy to name: it's LucasArt's fantastic point-and-click adventure title, The Fate of Atlantis. The great news is that this classic is available as an unlocked reward on the newest Indy adventure, Staff of Kings. The bad news is that Staff isn't exactly Indy's finest moment. It's a heck of a lot better than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, though.

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qface643395d ago

i forgot all about this game

mistajeff3395d ago

Anyone know of any PSP reviews for this? I know that pirates already have it in hand, I'm wondering if anyone knows how it is. Not that there's a particular shortage of PSP games on the horizon.