GamePro Preview: God of War III: Stig Asmussen Speaks

Game Director Stig Asmussen took a few minutes to talk about the finer details of God of War III during E3 2009, and walked us through a full half-hour demo of the game.

During the God of War III breakout at E3, Stig Asmussen provided some quick facts as we watched on as another team member played through the demo. The demo starts off in a ransacked Olympia, as Kratos fights his way through hordes of undead soldiers while the titan Perses and Helios fight it out in the background.

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Nikkelz3390d ago

i could see myself playing this 2 maybe 3
replayability ladies and gentlemen....get your money's worth

peace and game on

kotsios5553390d ago

its good to hear that these ugly - old harpies will be replaced with some very beautiful creatures :) the game would be more enjoyable that way