9.0 Prototype review

No, do not be fooled by the name. Prototype is a very completed product.

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Bordel_19003329d ago are a crap norwegian site. Lots of strange scores. This is from a site that gave Killzone 2 a 6/10.

Lakuspakus3329d ago

For your information: is one of the few Norwegian gaming sites that actually dare to speak their own mind and not follow the mainstream hype. A review is not about what the reviewer thinks the public wants from his review of the game, but about what him himself thinks of the game. Therefore, is a much appreciated gaming site for those of us who can read Norwegian, with it's excellenty written articles and reviews where the author thoroughly explains his view on the game at hand, not caring about general hype.

About the Killzone 2 review: I guess you don't read Norwegian? I'm also guessing that's the reason why you think it's a crap site. If you could have read the whole review (including why the reviewer chose the score that Killzone 2 recieved), I believe your view on the site would change quite drastically.