Edge Interview: Nokia's Mark Ollila

Mark Ollila, director of technology and strategy at Nokia Games Publishing, is responsible for setting the development of gaming on Nokia's mobile phones. His position is a powerful one: Nokia is still the world's leading producer of mobile phones, its products comprising 38.1 per cent sold in the first quarter of 2009. With access to such an enormous market, Nokia has the potential to define mobile gaming – and that's just what he hopes to do. Though iPhone gets all the headlines, with Nokia's new Ovi Store, a single marketplace for apps and games launched last month, the N-Gage gaming platform, which was launched in April last year, and access to a host of services, from music to maps, at his disposal, Nokia is a sleeping giant in the world of mobile gaming.

Ollila's current focus is on location-based gaming: games that use the player's position in the world to produce their gaming experience. Edge talked with him about his ideas for this form of gaming, how to sell new game types to Nokia's casual audience and what he feels Nokia can bring to mobile gaming in general.

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