AppGamer: Sonic The Hedgehog Review

AppGamer writes: "We could talk at length about the crimes committed by SEGA when it comes to their once beloved mascot. Indeed it's become such a worn out discussion at this point that it seems thoroughly futile, SEGA don't want to hear it and judging by our recent hands on with Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing at E3 it's safe to say the trend isn't about to be bucked. Still, we can always cling to our memories of the 16 BIT era, a time when Sonic was about running very fast from left to right. A time when Dr Robotnik was still called Dr Robotnik and a time when each new Sonic game won over not just the fans but non-believers and critics too. This memory is what SEGA hopes to tap into with each re-release. Now we are presented with another opportunity to play the game that started it all."

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