Appletell reviews VooDude for iPhone, iPod touch

Appletell: "I'm glad I handed this one off to my wife, because I don't get it. I download this, installed it on her phone, messed around with it for a while, and was completely unmoved. I went to bed.

The next day, my wife called me from work to tell me how awesome the app is, and how she and her coworkers have had a blast with it all morning. Were we talking about the same app? I had to confirm it. Yes, she was talking about VooDude, an app from Aspyr Media that is essentially nothing more than a virtual voodoo doll. You can do to it all the things that you'd except from a voodoo doll: poke it, burn it, shake it. The poor little guy is powered by ragdoll physics, and flips all around inside its virtual box. Shake it hard enough, and it'll even crack your iPhone screen (virtually, of course, although I suppose you could shake it so hard that you drop your phone)."

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