Microsoft Should Stop Taking Jabs At Gran Turismo

Ben Dutka of writes ~

"Microsoft has an irritating habit of attempting to tear down the competition while simultaneously promoting their own; a marketing tactic we don't see as often from either Sony or Nintendo. ...and people wonder why there are a growing number of gamers who simply don't like Microsoft and how they handle their business."

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WildArmed3392d ago

lol dont make GT5 deliver the finishing blow Turn 10..
jabs arent doing much damage :(

Simon_Brezhnev3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Whats funny is when gt5 come out and be better then forza. Microsoft going to make so many excuses like, we had damage 1st, customization, they copied us, or GT was being developed for a long time etc.

Syronicus3392d ago

I find that no matter how much logic you throw at folks like Turn 10 that continually mock others for great games there is rarely any difference made.

I wish the devs at Turn 10 would quit with the smack talk for the sake of being more adult like. It's getting bad these days.

vhero3392d ago

Wow this got approved! There is justice on N4G!

gambare3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Microsoft is certainly fighting dirty, pretty much like the presidential debates when one opponent, usually the weaker one instead exalt his own merits tries to demerit his opponent, is a despicable tactic but commonly used for the surely to lose candidates.

qface643392d ago

not microsoft just turn 10 man give it a rest already

also though if you ask me seems like microsoft like taking jabs at whatever they can find an excuse to jab

GWAVE3392d ago

Microsoft and their affiliates have had the dubious reputation of being "all talk, but no walk" for years...for DECADES. Microsoft's trash-talking is nothing new, and if you disagree then you are a 12-year-old child whose first console was the 360 and you have no concept of history.

Shadow Flare3392d ago

Turn 10 are only trying to make people mention their game in the same breath as gran turismo because they know most people don't give a crap about this title except for people who only have a 360

Trebius3392d ago

They talked a lot of smack at their presentation in E3, then got shown up HARDCORE the day after. By a PSP game no less. So now they're embarrassed and desperately looking for a way to convince people their game is equal if not greater than GT5.

(The only ones convinced are the obvious)

It's just sad that this fixed poll is not even considered as news, because when an American company does shady's overlooked as just being "business"...

But when a Japanese (or any other nation's) company does something remotely close to what M$ has done for decades...they're whipped at and scorned in the media so the sheep will all stray away.

I feel bad that SONY has to deal with the American media putting it down at every turn, it's really such an unfair disadvantage...

The US is not a superpower anymore, we dont have the right to be co-cky about anything, and we certainly shouldn't be proud of our Native business tactics.

Why do you think our Car companies are all going bankrupt? But yet the Japanese cars and other out of country car makers are keeping their heads above water?


There is so much wrong with the way business is done around there and how the media spins things that it's insane...

I just wish everyone saw the world they way I see it.


JokesOnYou3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Turn 10 has a big mouth we get it. I think they should just stop mentioning GT and keep talking professionaly about their game, but how many articles are we going to get off the same interview? Either way only a fool would say Forza 3 is NOT looking superb STILL yeah talking about the competition is beneath a good dev so I agree they should shut up and let the game speaks for itself.

-Oh damm, I'm agreeing with sony folks twice in one day, must be a record for me, and now I feel all dirty. lol


Leathersoup3392d ago

Well if Polyphony Digital ever gets around to releasing Gran Turismo, everyone will be able to talk. Unfortunately, at this point, there has been one full release Forza game and another one that's on it's way. GT5 has been putting everything off.
I've gotten more enjoyment out of Forza 2 than I have out of GT5 Prologue (and yes I have both). The online community for Forza Motorsport is all that is needed to win any comparison hands down.

dalibor3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

When GT did not have crash physics before I really never minded it but its nice to hear that GT5 is going to have it, hopefully its pretty realistic meaning if you slam into a wall doing 60mph your screwed. Speaking of which what ever happened to the Road Rash & Test Drive series? I loved RR & TD, would be nice to be able to play up to 30 players online in RR lol.

It would be better if either GT & Forza delivered great experiences online & offline. I am hoping GT5 does that. Yes I do play online but sometimes I want to game w/out hardcore competition. Plus if you have an awesome experience offline its more fun to unlock vehicles to use online. I didn't give you a disagree by the way.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3392d ago

Lot of crying here, think maybe Sony fans could grow a pair. Since Forza has been out there has been no GT to be found accept a $40 demo. IF this was the other way around and they were taking jabs at Forza you would see Xbox fans whine about. Thats something only Sony fans seem to do. If you want Turn 10 to stop taking japs and GT, then maybe they should put somthing up about GT5 and stop talking about it. Anyway... continue with Whinefest June 2009.

ps3gogetitt3392d ago

Ok here's the thing

We can argue and get upset all we want.... what are the facts?

We will not know until both games are fully released. Right now Turn 10 has the upperhand because they have showed something and allow folks to actually play the game. And its getting a lot of praise for the effort so far... A lot can't be said for PD because all they have showed is a video. Will they knock turn 10 down when they release GT probably but so far we have no proof of that until someone actually plays the game.

So just relax for now... Forza may have the best sim out right now but chances are it won't last long

Rhythmattic3392d ago

Now all believers , believe and preach to the only becoming......

Stop it !!! Just Chilax, all of you...

I'm of to write some music.

G'day. Good night.

eagle213392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

forza 2 lost Racing GOTY 07' at the AIAS. MotorStorm WON. Click on 11th annual in my link. :)

Xplay didn't award forza 3 in the racing category at their E3 09' awards just recently. Forza is nothing special and the industry knows it.

Lamoo3392d ago

*rolls eyes*

Riiiiiight.. that's why it sold more and scored higher than Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. Seriously? Who cares about these articles? You guys constantly say this yet you comment in here? uhh ok.

Monchichi0253392d ago

"people don't give a crap about this title except for people who only have a 360"

Same can be said about GT5, "only people who own PS3's care about Gran Turismo." And the fact that there are more 360's out there doesn't help your arguement does it!

AAACE53392d ago

GT for the Psp was announced when the Psp was released years ago. GT 5 for the Ps3 was announced before the Ps3 launched.

Turn 10 is calling out Polyphony Digital because they keep bullsh*tting around with releasing the games. Turn 10 released Forza 2 this gen, and are making a new Forza game from the ground up in this same generation... and the worst part is, it looks graphically on par with GT5!

You can boast the fact that GT games have 100's of cars more than Forza games, but most of those cars no one wants to drive. I have played GT games in the past and can vouch for that. For example, I bet you see that funny little car from the Nintendo Wii commercials in GT 5!

Not hating on the GT games, but I feel that PD have gotten too relaxed and feel they can do whatever they want. So I am glad there is good competition willing to call them out and force them to get their sh*t together.

To me the GT: Prologue was an insult to all gamers! When all is said and done, you will have paid $100 for a GT game. I understand other companies do things like this (especially Microsoft), but at least they try to be sneaky about it.

Anyway, with this competition, the games should come out in great condition and will be worthy purchases for gamers on both sides.

really duh3392d ago

Yeah stop it it hurts our feelings lol. Sony has been saying it can only be done on PS3 since the PS3 launched with almost every game.

Dude4203392d ago

I thought the only thing Turn 10 said was that PD's racing games have become stagnant or something. Then some blogger without a link tells us PD "dropped the ball".

Can someone post links to their trash talking plz? I would like to know whether fanboy blew this out of proportion or it's really true.

S4NDM4N3392d ago

Forza 2 sold less than one million units more than GT5P

Forza 2 has been out longer

And Forza 2 was bundled with the 360

That is the only reason why Forza 2 sold that much. It might have made 1 million had it not been bundled with the 360

Bnet3433392d ago

Even if Turn 10 wasn't "trash talking", people here would still bash Forza. That sucks, I like Forza 2. :( It's a nice racing game and I have a lot of fun racing online and checking out the designs on other peoples car.

Alvadr3392d ago

Yep MS do take jabs at what they know is extreme competition. GT has been around since the PS1..

They always say that the little brother always wants to be as great as the big brother.

ThanatosDMC3392d ago

Reminds me of something like this quote... "Bigger, better, and more badass!"

FrankenLife3391d ago

PD isn't jerking people around by delaying the games. They are just that anal. They do everything they can to make it as perfect as can be. Finally they eventually release it while still feeling like they can improve it. I expect GT5 to get many many updates. Some just may be as minute as altering the wind physics by a hair. What do you expect when you get a bunch of car nuts with OCD together to make a racing sim? Personally, I am happier for it. I love that they put so much effort into making the game the best they can instead of turning over a sequel every 2 years.

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Milky3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

well if you can't beat them...

...bash them.


36T3392d ago

"well if you can't beat them... bash them"

So that explains why all you PS3 fanboys have so many negative comments about the 360 and it's game library. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Think about it, it makes a TON of sense! Not like the majority of us didn't know that already. LOL

KionicWarlord2223392d ago

hmm...this will get approved.

Rifle-Man3392d ago

Microsoft is the crazy, right-wing, attack ad running, hillbilly political party of the gaming world.

ShinnokDrako3392d ago

Another story like this? The sad part is that they get approved... If it's not Sony is M$, if it'snot M$ is Nintendo (never heard, but never knows).
Oh well, have fun =P