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"It takes a lot to standout in this day and age of cookie-cutter video games, with sequels and last-gen remakes infecting every aspect of our daily entertainment intake. There are two very popular categories or genres for next-gen video games to fall into right now, first-person shooters and open-world titles. Whatever the draw is to these two genres it has developers and publisher flocking to push out as many games as possible, whether or not they are the least bit innovative This week marks the releases of an "open world" action game from developer Radical Entertainment and publisher Ativision titled Prototype. During our play-through the "Grand Theft Auto" and "Infamous" comparisons were flowing and when looking at the game from a general point of view it's easy to see why. Once we sat down and put our hands to the controller Prototype instantaneously differentiated itself from all those other open-world video games, and by the completion of story mode we were thoroughly impressed with what it had to offer. If you are looking for something different and are into mature themed brutality then you have to pick up Prototype, which is in stores today."

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UltimaEnder3392d ago

Make sure not to skip over this game (and to me it is better or at least on par with Infamous), this review is right on with what I feel about the game and I am happy that the summer is bringing us such good titles; well done Radical, well done!

locos853392d ago

So why does this have to be compared to inFamous again? Ohh I forgot in this game you also play as someone who controls electricity and climbs buildings and towers and ride rails.

Jinxstar3392d ago

This game has scores ranging from 4-9.5

It does not compare to infamous. Not even close

kwyjibo3392d ago

Maybe because they're both open world urban superhero games released around the same time?

The link really isn't that hard to make. I'm pretty sure people will be comparing these games to Crackdown and Saints Row too, and rightly so.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3392d ago

I don't understand why Sony fans feel this game is such a threat to InFamous. There are other sandbox games out that are much better, Red Faction stomps both.

Rofflecopter3392d ago

Sony doesn't feel that this is a threat to inFamous. And I doubt Prototype developers feel that inFamous is a threat to Prototype. The only people that are threatened are fanboys.

PS3 - They're both sandbox games and ours is the best!!

360 - We don't have inFamous and its awesomeness, we have to stick together and say this game is awesome!!

After playing both games, which more people need to do, I can honestly say that Prototypes graphics are not amazing. It's fun, but it gets old. inFamous doesn't get old right away because of the different paths you can take, but after 5 or 6 playthroughs it probably will (as any game does).

Man I'm getting tired of the fanboys on this site..

vhero3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Only sites giving this a high review are xbox sites hmmmmm... I wonder why that is??? Some people are gonna love it, its inevitable.

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Valkyrie833392d ago

I have to agree with this review (although not on the fact that some are saying it's better than GTA or Infamous), even so the game is fantastic and the pure amount of variety and brutality gives reason for it to be a day one purchase for me; thanks for the positive heads-up!

BubbleSystemSuck3392d ago

this game is a 8 max... graphics are ugly...

WildArmed3392d ago

i agree dat the graphics are pretty bad.

I guess if u ignore that.. its a pretty solid game.
I tried it out last night over at my friends. was fun alright ^^

UltimaEnder3392d ago

Not sure what game you were playing but the graphics were nothing ugly, I'm guessing you look at IGN's review and just take it as truth, well there are a ton of reviews on that site with WORSE graphics than Xbox 1 and they have higher scores; this is a good game and you need to play it to see.....the graphics are not A+ but they are not below average either!

meepmoopmeep3392d ago

the graphics are fine.

if you like rampaging mayhem and button mashing,
killing anything moving just to stay alive,
this game is for you.

it's only an 8.0 from me so far, 15hrs into the game.

Dimitri3392d ago

All neutral websites give this game 7/10.. Fanboy website give it a 9.2/10 just because 360 doesnt have InFamous, and they want InFamous to have a lower score than this multi plat release.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3392d ago

Its funny to me how Sony fans find this game (multiplat game) such a threat to InFamous. Its not like InFamous will be earning any GOTY awards, hell its not even a runner up.

Christopher3392d ago

But after reading the review I didn't see enough substance to rate this as high as 9/10. If it's going to score that high, I need to read about some accolades in storytelling and general gameplay (with the mention of how smooth, bug free, etc. it is).

I'd be interested in the reviewer tacking on another 2 pages to that review and going a bit more in depth with it rather than an overview that reads much like many of the previews we've seen.

Valkyrie833392d ago

I guess it's just a matter of opinion but for me it's the exact opposite, I would rather read a general overview and how the reviewer felt while playing the game then a bunch of specifics and 4 pages of must (IE IGN); either way the game is fun and whether its a 9 or a 8 they are still both good scores and it warrants whatever the reviewer's personal opinion is....

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