Sony Ghostbuster Exclusive Now Officially Huge

It seems that the Sony exclusive on this title is set to stretch longer than anyone had anticipated.

But what is in it for Atari?

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Christopher3395d ago

Sony doesn't have a deal with Atari, they're paying more money to get Atari to actually publish the game in Europe.

Guess who's holding up the release of the game on other platforms? Atari and Namco Bandai. Not Sony.

Tito Jackson3395d ago

I would rather have a new ghostbusters movie. :)
BUT--I will say that im glad they arent rushing the game.

kwyjibo3395d ago

What sort of bullshit is that?

Atari had the rights to publish the game. Sony paid them bucketloads to get the rights from Atari, in order for timed exclusivity.

IdleLeeSiuLung3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Sucks for the European customers that had this on pre-order expecting release only to be snubbed by Sony. However, somehow I don't think this game is that big and very few people really care.

I think Atari made a big mistake here, because this will only anger the fans. If it is a timed exclusive, do it before announcing release dates and taking pre-orders.

Christopher3395d ago

Not bullshit at all.

Look at what's happening. Atari is selling their rights to publish their games in Europe to Namco Bandai. Ghostbusters would be dalayed until whenever Namco Bandai got it done since Atari isn't going forward with it now that it will be Namco's to deal with.

When Atari stated this during their proceedings to sell these rights in Europe to Namco, Sony had to step in and pay for the rights to something they ALREADY OWN just to get it to release on time in Europe.

You people really need to get your facts straight on what's going on. Sony didn't step in to prevent the other platforms from being released, they stepped in to keep their platforms on the original release schedule rather than being another victim of Atari's selling of the rights to publish in Europe to Namco Bandai.

Foliage3395d ago

cgoodno is 100% right.

Just another instance where 360 fanboys run their mouths on topics they have no information on.

GWAVE3395d ago

This is such a funny situation, because if it was Microsoft holding the exclusivity, the media and the fanboys would be hyping it into the stratosphere, but since it's a timed exclusive to Sony consoles, people are staying quiet and pretending that a couple of exclusive DLC maps for Modern Warfare 2 is a bigger deal.

Alucard_4203395d ago

kinda the same way M$ is making every FF fan wait longer for FFXIII for a game that will still sell 4 times more then M$ could..... but still who cares when the game will release it will if you want to play the game badly go get a PS3 if not then just wait

Twilightx73395d ago

Are you really bringing FF into this discussion about Ghostbusters - in Europe? I seriously doubt that the 360 version of FF is even stalling the PS3 version, as the game was already shown running on a 360, in English, with the set release dates for both being Spring 2010 if I'm not mistaken. Considering the fact that the Japanese version is just finishing up development, I seriously doubt PS3 users would've seen FF13 before Spring 2010 anyway.

Bottom line here is that everybody wins - play what you want to play, on the system you want to play it on. Bringing silenced arguments up over and over again is pointless.

Bnet3433394d ago

IMO, this game is not huge at all. Just another movie game.

IdleLeeSiuLung3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Very different situation. Did retailers take your pre-order for FF13? Did anyone give you a date for FF13?

In addition, most likely a new team was brought in to port the PS3 version to the 360 instead of removing people from the core team to do a stupid port? Catch my drift....

To PS fans, this might seem like a great idea, but what if MS now get a timed exclusive on MW2 (or any other multi-platform game) after already announcing a date? What if you put down a pre-order and went to pick it up and found out MS prevented you from getting the game at the store?

I'm actually suprised at the disagreer to my original post. It's as if they don't care as long as it hurts everybody else but PS fans.

phosphor1123394d ago

Sony owns the Ghostbuster IP...they OWN the IP. So they can do w/e they want. I'm not gonna get the game, so Idc. Maybe when its cheap, but so far, I have plenty of other games to play for my ps3/pc.

rockleex3394d ago

You're TOTALLY missing the point. And whoever brought up that FFXIII thing has no idea what's going on with Ghostbusters.

Anyways, read 1.4 to find out what's actually happening.

Ryudo3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Like it matters Microsoft already did a 1 UP on Sony.

Sony: I know lets make Ghostbusters a Europe timed exclusive that should really push PS3 sales in the region.

Microsoft: Hmmm how can we kick Sony in the nuts.....!!! I know lets make the American version of Ghostbusters Region free.

Sony: GOD DAMMIT! after we paid all that money to Atari everyone in Europe will just buy the American version from the Import game shops. GO TO HELL MICROSOFT BANG!! You ok there Sony... Sony!!!!!!!!!!!!

Microsoft: Sony I came to visit you in hospital for the soul reason of saying this sentence to you...... BOOM THERE IT IS!!!! (Runs away quickly)

Story end.

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vhero3395d ago

Ya know the funny thing about this?? MS couldnt ever do this to Sony as all Sony games are 100% region free so we could just import US versions.

Foxgod3395d ago

Ghostbusters is region free too.

Kill Crow3395d ago

but really who cares ... it's a kiddies title ...

BlackTar1873395d ago

LOL how old are you probably under 25yrs old. I have all my friends like 15 of them all from this generation (Ghostbusters) who are dying to strap on our packs and start ghostbusting speak for yourself dude dont just troll to troll cuz you have your info backwards. Not being rude but what generation were you born in. I swear you young bucks think you know all in vdegames and havent even been playing for 1/2 the time they have been around. WHY DID THIS GENERATION START A DOWNHILL SLOPE ON VIDEOGAMES????? WHY OH WHY IS THERE FIGHTING BICKERING AND PISSING CONTEST EVERY THREAD. Grow up people there videogames its simple if you dont liek some games becasue of system you are not a gamer i hope that hits home its true 100%

morganfell3395d ago

Blacktar, I played the game at E3 and it was a blast. Far from being a kiddie game.

evrfighter3394d ago

"FoxGod You call this a kiddie game"


look again there bud...calm down next time before u post.

Uzesgelen_Goo3394d ago

but dude you replied your comment to wrong person hehe (-^_^-)

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Elvfam5113395d ago

There a article saying the Ghostbuster game isn't region lock for the Xbox 360 unless that was a false article

All-33395d ago

European fans of ghost busting with only an Xbox 360 got some bad news in early May when Sony announced that it would be publishing Ghostbusters in European and PAL regions. In other words, the only way to play Ghostbusters in a PAL region is on a Sony platform.

Luckily, all hope is not lost. Destructoid brings word today that Atari, the game's publisher in North America, has confirmed the 360 version of Ghostbusters is not region locked. With that piece of knowledge in hand, that enables those locked-out gamers to be able to import the game from North America and play on a PAL system without any problems.

It might not be an altogether ideal scenario, but it's certainly better than not having any options at all.

Morituri3395d ago

Crappy blogs produce crappy articles.

dalibor3395d ago

I hope this game sells great, hopefully Atari will be in the gaming business for a long time. Wasn't Atari almost about to go bankrupt? Can't remember. Long live the Jaguar!!!

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