MechDuels Game Launches Today

Austin game developer Challenge Games® announces today the release of MechDuels®, the world's first browser-based mech game with fully configurable mechs and synchronous gameplay.

From the same design team behind the acclaimed online strategy game®, MechDuels is multiplayer on a massively mechanical scale and is playable within any Internet browser. Consisting of head to head, turn-based gameplay, opponents battle massive mech creations against one another. Upon registration, players receive a free mech chassis, the 80-ton Jaguar, with enough equipment to get started. Two additional free chassis, the 40-ton Sparrow and the 60-ton Wolf, can be obtained by achieving level 3 and level 5 respectively. In-game level up and mission completion achievements are rewarded with free "crate" packs containing random assortments of weapons, mods and systems to improve gameplay and enhance mechs through customization.

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