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Submitted by vhero 2436d ago | news

Forza 3 Better Than GT 5, Says Vote

Sometimes the gaming industry baffles me, and today seems like it's going to be one of those days, and it's a three pronged approach to the type of journalism dragging everyone down. (Forza Motorsport 3, Gran Turismo 5, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update Seems CNET have closed the poll after getting wind of Turn 10's offer of DLC for votes.

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Seraphemz   2436d ago | Spam
VasiliasNtaHs  +   2436d ago
Wow! A free unicorn will definately distort my judgement and make me believe it's a better game than GT5.
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AssassinHD  +   2436d ago
It may not distort your judgment, but it could certainly distort a person's vote. Not that it matters to me. I know which one I am buying.
GWAVE  +   2436d ago
So a "vote" says that Forza 3 (an unreleased game) is better than GT5 (also an unreleased game). Hmmmm.

Well shoot DARN! I better believe it, because I'm a stereotypical American internet-user who believes everything I read and I'm frightened to not match my own opinion with the popular opinion.

I heard of this other "vote" that says the Gran Turismo series is better than the Forza series, and when I say "vote" what I'm really talking about is "sales", because that's the only vote that matters.
Beast_Master  +   2436d ago
Yes neither game is released yet but the information we have before hand does give us an indication of which game will be better.
Ok without even naming the game please vote for which one you think will be better.

Game 1
Runs in native 1080p at 60 fps.
Has over 80 tracks and 800 cars.
in addition to racing sim, also offers NASCAR, F1, Offroad.
16 player races.
race against up to 30+ cars at once

Game 2

over 100 cars
dozens of tracks
8 car races
doesn't run in 1080 or 60 fps
fanbase exist based on Free pack in with console.

Please tell me you can't see clear as day which game you think will be better. I get that you haven't played either, but seriously is this even debateable?
Dir_en_grey  +   2436d ago
103 pages from people voting and wanting the Unicorn

It obviously said Che Team Forza (original op) is Turn 10 Community Manager, so even if somebody will argue otherwise, this resulted in 103 pages of the thread on people that voted wanting that limited Unicorn car.

This story gets approved while:
reporting on what happened at Forza forum got a fail. Even if a moderator at N4G is a Forza fan, aren't they supposed to be fair?
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dalibor  +   2436d ago
Same here, a voting poll isn't going to do a damn thing about me purchasing GT5. I have Motorstorm for offroading, soon GT for simulation & now all I need is Road Rash for some chain swinging mayhem. Its all preference as whether which game is better.. GT or Forza. Or I could even state.. 360 or Ps3. Or even lol a girl with a mustache or hairy armpits.
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SuperM  +   2436d ago
OMG Turn 10 is the douchiest f'in developer out there. I was so annoyed already by how they simply couldnt stop bragging about their game. And now they start bribing people to vote for their game in the most stupid poll of the century? Hey CNET you are r'tards for making this vote. But your r'tardedness is toppled by Turn 10. Christ, i was actually thinking about buying this game. Now there is no way whatsoever i will ever pay for any game Turn 10 makes(i might pirate their games though, serves them right).

You know i really want to like Microsoft, but somehow it seems like they only surround themselves by douchebags. Not only is their leaders always picking on the competition, but their developers are doing the f'in same thing. Even Valve which is one of the few third party developers out there with a close releationship with Microsoft is starting to piss me off. They are all so f'in smug. So elitist and so coc'ky. Do you really not want me to buy your products? Why do you have to be so distasteful?
Lamoo  +   2436d ago
@Beast Master
Forza Motorsport 3:

400 cars
100 tracks
online auction
customization down to the bone
popup  +   2435d ago
The score is the other way round now. Either way, it does not effect the outcome as to which game is really the closest thing to the real thing.

Most people who play the game have never even been on a track and even those that have are pretty ignorant as to how to get a good lap but it sure is good fun pretending!
All-3  +   2435d ago
But it's better to claim the same things about unreleased PS3 exclusive game/s?
Come on now... go back and re-read the comments in the many posts on this site about the exclusive PS3 games that weren't released yet or haven't been released yet.

Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 for examples...

If it makes you feel better --> here:

According to Buzz Study, a firm dedicated to monitoring and analyzing trends in Web chatter, has analyzed the most discussed announcements from E3 2009. They scan the Interwebz, from news articles and blog entries to forum posts and YouTube videos. The results are in and the clear winner of E3 2009 in terms of generating the most buzz has emerged.

Grand Turismo 5 generated more 'buzz' then Forza 3
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rockleex  +   2435d ago
GT5 still ended up winning. ^_^
Thugbot187  +   2435d ago
The way I look at it is competition is good. I'm not here to say who is better but I will say both are obviously at the top of the list. So in the spirit of true competition this rivalry will advance the genre and each franchise, in the end gamers will win.
LoVeRSaMa  +   2435d ago
Vote must have been done in USA by Xbox only owners..
Sarcasm  +   2435d ago
"Editor's note: After numerous complaints of cheating and in-game content being offered as payment for votes, I've decided to close the poll. Way to ruin the fun for the rest of us, guys."

Good job Cnet, the hilarious part is that GT5 was still ahead.
JohnnyBadfinger  +   2435d ago
bribes are always nice
but the bribe doesn't stop PS3 fans from voting does it and its only bribing Forza fans not xbox fans.
I have an xbox 360 and will flat out say i would rather play GT5 because its the FIRST real drive sim that is and was any good. But if only it online community was as good as Forzas

Sorry Forza you will never take the lead from GT.

and ive said it before GT5 might be the only game PS3 has that could turn me over to a purchase, all other PS3 exclusives im not interested in but GT5, i gotta say "F*** YEAH!"
iANONYMOUS  +   2435d ago
Bribing? Poll? T10 Arrogance?
It's not a bribe,
Whats the point of posting it at Forza forum?
The only people who visit it was Forza player and 360 owner,
Whats the point of Forza fans be voting GT5?
What would people like GT fans get if they vote?
A free car? So I called that Bribing a Fluke.
That's not bribing if only certain people will get the prize,
People who dont own Forza 2 wont get the car.Fact.

That poll,
Was having an error,
I have no idea how, or why, but I get to vote as many times as I want, until there's an error, vote stills count tho, 20-30 or something.
To be sure, most PS3 owner will be likely to vote eventhough they dont own GT5:P, moron.
They are o

About T10 being Arrogant?
Well, it is arrogant, so what?
It proved to be better than any racing games that is out.Fact.
GT5 isnt out, GT5:P was a demo, NFS was BS.
Have you heard before about Sony bragging about "they are the Best game developer ever" not long ago,
Epic developer replied , that's BS!.
I heard no complaint from Sony fanboys about that have we?
I got prove, it's on EGM magazine.

You aint gonna buy it?
Sure you wont,
Another millions of people will.

@LiQuiFiedArt 1.4

You aint gonna buy?
Do you even own a 360?

At least We got a released date on Forza 3, unlike on the other great games..
What? It's coming out when? Oh wai-

GT5 isnt out yet, GT5:P isnt GT5,
So how did you all GT fans know it will be better?
Forza 2 is out, test and reviewed.
Forza 3 beta is out for certain lucky Busted people, they vote better!
caladbolg777  +   2435d ago
Wow. Funny stuff.

The least CNET could have done was close the poll when Forza 3 was winning. The T10 community managers went through all the trouble to bribe people to vote for Forza and STILL ended up losing in the poll. That's Kharma.

@iANONYMOUS: Not bribing? Let's imagine that you and I are in the same class. We're voting for class president next week. It's me VS Bobby McGee. I say to you, "Vote for me instead of Bobby next week and I'll give you a nickel." Next week rolls around and you vote for me. I give you a nickel.

That's called BRIBING, chucklenuts.
#2.16 (Edited 2435d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
iANONYMOUS  +   2435d ago
It's not bribing mate.
The one who will get this is Forza fans.
Try to think for a while,
Whats the point of them voting for GT?
Not only they help to vote, they get a free car GAME in return.
It's like a some kind of bonus.

Who spread this stuff anyway?
I thought it was post at Forza forum, which extreme PS3 fanboys are too desperate to spread it? nevertheless to visit forza forum.

What kind of bribing is giving a free car?
What is this? madness?
I know you are jealous for not getting a free car for
*cough* GT5:P demo *cough*
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njr  +   2435d ago
*Is not buying Forza*
Grandizer  +   2435d ago
actually, I can see Forza 3's trailer is more compelling than GT5's.

The graphics are slightly better on GT5 but F3 shows compelling gameplay where GT5 shows cars looping...

I am not a fan of racing sims and I am much more likely to enjoy games like Blur or ModNation than F3 and GT5.

And Nascar >

Related image(s)
animboo  +   2435d ago
no matter how you sugarcoat it, bribing is still bribing
#2.20 (Edited 2435d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2436d ago
I approved but it'll get reported again, lol.
ultimolu   2436d ago | Spam
madmonkey0  +   2436d ago
was this the poll turn 10 bribed thier forum members to vote in, offererd them a free ingame car or somthgin didnt they? lol desperation
PirateThom  +   2436d ago
Forza 3 better than GT5, says Turn 10's bribery.
shingo  +   2436d ago
lol. that bribery story will get on the top of n4g main page very soon.
madmonkey0  +   2436d ago
no it got deleted unfortunatly, dont know why if this got approved.
Bloodshedder  +   2436d ago
i didnt know GT5 was out!!!! damnd
coolcole93  +   2436d ago
Yeah, and it's waaay worse than Forza!

*accepts money from Turn 10*
solidjun5  +   2436d ago
OMG it's out?
Why didn't anyone tell me GT5 is out?!?!!? I need to go get it right this INSTANT!'s not out. ;)
Rifle-Man  +   2436d ago
If it's not a winged unicorn, I don't want it.
housegroove76  +   2435d ago
I wanted a rainbow. Between rainbows and unicorns, rainbows are much cooler.
BubbleSystemSuck  +   2436d ago
Turn 10 is soooo Lame to bribe to win a stupid Poll...

I dont care what other person say about Forza or GT... i just know i like and love GT, and thats is the only important for me.... what I like
SyluxPT  +   2436d ago

Related image(s)
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VasiliasNtaHs  +   2436d ago're so cheap
Perkel  +   2436d ago
xxBATTLECATxx  +   2435d ago
well its not much to look at but at least it was free. i wish i didnt vote though cuz now i dont know where to put the sexy drag unicorn when my gf comes over
LiquifiedArt  +   2436d ago
GT = Driving simulator for Car Connoisseurs.

Forza = Mainstream Racing Game, similar to Grid.

Different stratospheres.
Not comparable.
soxfan2005  +   2435d ago
"Forza = Mainstream Racing Game, similar to Grid. "

Spoken like someone who has never played Forza or Grid - they have virtually NOTHING in common. Play the game, or read some reviews, and get a clue.

Forza is GT's equal - deal with it.
Narutone66  +   2435d ago
Forza 3 = GT2
No, scratch that, GT PSP > Forza 3.
moparful99  +   2435d ago
Actually grid and forza share alot more in common then you are willing to admit... Forza 3 is including a rewind function which was also present in grid... Having played forza 2 enough to know that the physics and handling are very forgiving I can say that Gran turismo and forza share no common ground here... People like yourself are very quick to point out that turn 10 is releasing 2 games in the span of 1 gran turismo... So obviously this lends support ot the perception that turn 10 is better at making games... That is a perception that is inaccurate... as a matter of fact fans of the gt series and those that follow yamauchi know that he is a perfectionist.. He has to have every cars dynamics nailed... Im sorry but 1 button racing, rewind, and auto braking are not simulations of real life these are all arcade features aimed at allowing novice players to be able to keep up with the more advanced drivers.. In real life if you are not good behind the wheel then you just simply dont race... Turn 10 is obviously aiming this game at a broad demographic which is fine they can do what they want. But the claim of "the definitive racing game this generation" is premature and not based upon facts.. Turn 10 has an obvious vested interest in forza 3 its their game but you cant be "The Driving Simulator" as well as the "Everyone can play this game" Gt is a racing simulator nothing else.. Its is not intended to be played by 10 year olds or your grand parents.... It takes an inept understanding of dynamic car handling to be competitive in this game and yamauchi has never deviated from this goal.. He makes no exuses and he does not comprimise his artistic vision to please the competition. Will forza 3 be good? Well based on what I have seen I would say with out doubt... Will it be better then gt5? None of us can make this assesment... But based upon Yamauchi's track record gt5 will be a masterpiece but in the realm of drving simulators... Please do not confuse this as a game as it is not inteded to be a casual experience.......
MriownBOTH  +   2436d ago
.....i am getting so dizzy :D
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2436d ago
Having sex with my best friend's wife
is better than Forza 3 and GT5.

There. I said it.
DelbertGrady  +   2436d ago
Not if she's had more than two kids. There, I said it.
AKNAA  +   2436d ago
with your bestfriend's wife!! awww man, thats so wrong... Sure banging another random guys wife is fine an all, but your BF's wife?! WTF is wrong with you?!
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2436d ago
Why do you think his is my best friend?

ShabzS  +   2436d ago
oh man you sir are a douche... that is so not cool
AKNAA  +   2436d ago
Its acceptable in one of these conditions...
Bang the guys wife, then become best friends with him in order to stay close to her to continue banging is wife(which is acceptable), or
being long time BFF, then backstabbing him by banging his wife behind his back?!( which is an absolute NO! NO!)...
#11.5 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BubbleSystemSuck   2436d ago | Spam
KionicWarlord222  +   2436d ago

Edit @ below

lol em has done it again.
#13 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
solidjun5  +   2436d ago
I like this song.
ptotoy  +   2436d ago
yeah, those voters already played both games
wi bet forza3 won't look better than gt5:prologue
bujasem_89  +   2435d ago
where was this secret vote?? gt5 is way better than forza i mean come on get real did u see the forza trailer on E3 it is impossible to play like that its a streach even for burn out im not saying it wont be good but im saying GT5 is better
da720izcumin  +   2435d ago
the people have spoken
don't hate on democracy...commies!!!!!
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2435d ago
got my vote
gambare  +   2435d ago
Even with the bribe the people are voting in favor of GT5

sorry bots, but this is like the elections, the truth is the only thing that matters.

"Editor's note: After numerous complaints of cheating and in-game content being offered as payment for votes, I've decided to close the poll. Way to ruin the fun for the rest of us, guys."

LOL after the turn of votes favoring GT5 suddenly they close the polls... funny, many people started to vote in favor of GT5 and forza 3 was taking a beating and waaaaaahhh!! I'm gonna close the poll cuz someone is cheating waaaaahh!!
#14.4 (Edited 2435d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Stubacca  +   2435d ago
What sad, sad people...
I'm sorry kids. It's not our fault you can't afford a PS3. It does command a very high price because of it's quality (Check that word out in the dictionary).

But hating on Gran Turismo (the greatest driving sim ever) just because you haven't the money to play it is pathetic. Forza is and always will be a weak alternative.

I don't think anyone can really consider themselves a modern gamer unless they have played some of the genre-defining games available only on Sony's system.
Bill Gates  +   2435d ago
There goes microshaft and there BABOONS again spreading thir propaganda.....HAHAHAHAHA You BABOONS ARE SO STUPID AND BLIND......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHHAHHHAAHHAHA
DelbertGrady  +   2436d ago
I voted on Forza 3 and I can't wait to play it this October. Will be sweet! Ferrari engine in Toyota Corolla ftw lol!
solidjun5  +   2436d ago
"I voted on Forza 3 ..."
We know man, We know.
SupaPlaya  +   2436d ago
even though it is tempting, you shouldn't encourage this kind of bribery. This is a giant step backward for gaming.
DelbertGrady  +   2436d ago
I'm all for quality > quantity.
GarandShooter  +   2435d ago
'I'm all for quality > quantity. '
If only you applied that mentality to your posts! :)
likedamaster  +   2435d ago
You Sony fans have it all wrong. This discourages indifference from the other side(Polyphony) and keeps people/Devs on their toes. Never rely on your IP to do the selling for you, go out and get it known. Sony used to be so good at this I only wonder now "how the mighty have fallen". Get your product out there, get it known. GT series has grown stagnant, we all know that. They(Polyphony) just take too long to release a title and with hardly any upgrades outside of tweaked visuals.

Forza 3's getting got day 1, for me.

Definitive racing sim > Real driving sim
Valkyre  +   2436d ago
Haha its the douchebag again!Come on man , atleast some originality in your quotes!We are getting bored lately! :D
mpmaley  +   2436d ago
This was posted on the official Forza boards pleading with their users to get out and vote.

I wonder why Forza 3 is in the lead *rollseyes*
Nergardless  +   2435d ago
yeah really wow
and i've really wondered how come this result is ridiculious anyway the most redicolous besides turn10(gettin on my nerves, since e3) are still those who be buying forza because of this result anyway i be buying GT5 im a fan from the beginning and no racinggame came close from the fun i had and time i put in but it's up to everybody themself: BUY whatever game YOU prefer u should keep this always on your mind
TheTruth89  +   2436d ago
-GametimeUK-  +   2436d ago
Forza 2 is clearly better than any GT game I have ever played... Judging from GT5P (yes I bought it) Forza is set solidify its spot as the the racing franchise to play this gen
Perkel  +   2436d ago
Judging by GT5P (yes i bought it) forza doesn't have cluth, can't run with G25 stering wheel, wind doesn't do anything with car, and cars don't weight right. Can i continue more ?

Very sim sim sim like game.. lol
#19.1 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Nergardless  +   2435d ago
let him think what he wants maybe he really had more fun with forza so be it. from the sim aspect it isnt right and u sir(5.0) should know that if u really interested in sims there's cleary no way to spin that
Narutone66  +   2435d ago
a teen who haven't driven a car will say Forza is better than GT. Learn to drive first and get a license before judging.
MGOelite  +   2436d ago
all this shows is that there is more consoles out their for their specific game
Jdoki  +   2436d ago
The internet has spoken.. so it must be true!! I know where my money is going!

/sarcasm (just in case people didn't realise!)

Forget the fact that neither game has been released.

Despite the obvious slightly suspect and contentious nature of this poll, I can't understand why people are getting so angry over it. Big deal, Turn 10 offered and incentive to get people voting...

I don't suppose anyone has done the math, and worked out if the number of votes that Forza 3 won by is the same as the numbe rof people who posted in the Forza forum to claim their car? perhaps Forza would have won anyway.

Ultimately this is the most meaningless poll I have ever seen. It's like asking me to vote which holiday destination I have never been to is my favourite. Or what food I like better from two products I've never tasted!!!
#21 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SupaPlaya  +   2436d ago
It's not whether the poll is meaningful or not,
it's the fact that they bribe people to vote for them instead of looking for an honest opinion.

I'm not saying this is anything new, but it doesn't make it right.
Jdoki  +   2436d ago

It's not a bribe, it's an incentive. There's a difference.

Also, as I said before, has anyone worked out how much these 'bribes' attributed to the final tally?

Considering the website that ran the poll, and main audience of Cnet - I don't thnik there was going to be any other result.
Seraphemz  +   2436d ago
Do you know what a bribe is? If they told forum members to vote for them, and they'll give them a prize. That's a bribe.

Why did they even get involved? Let the poll play out.

People even commented that the ONLY REASON they voted for forza was for the prize even though they liked GT beterr

Fact is that those results are tainted and TURN 10 are douche bags.
Jdoki  +   2436d ago

Yes, I know what a bribe is. I suggest you go an look up the definitions of 'bribe' and 'incentive' before making yourself look stupid.

I used the words 'contentious', and 'suspect' in my post - which, just in case you need definitions of those too - mean that I don't necessarily see T10's behavior in a positive light.

But I also don't see the point of people getting their underwear all knotted up over a meaningless poll, on a US-centric website, run by a company who has previously shown some MS bias!!
rawd  +   2436d ago
Pretty cool saying one game is better then the other, when you know, ONE OF THE GAMES ISNT EVEN OUT YET
ShabzS  +   2436d ago
we havent seen either game in action .. this is pretty pointless right here

EDIT @ Below: Well to vote at a poll or even create a poll in the first place ... you need to have played both games first to objectively decide which one is better ... on one hand you have a forza 3 trailer on the other you have a 1 yr old gt demo ...

this poll basically shows what people are more excited about ... or more hyped about ... forza 3 is an understandable reaction because its coming out in a few months...
#23 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Shendow  +   2436d ago
Not True
GT P. is out for PS3 an it is pretty much GT5 with every update, thing is, -_- do you have the memory to support how big of a game it is? I know right now my PS3 couldn't fit or handle it with how much memory is left from 80GB. Forza 3 looks ok an I never care for it or GT but GT5 does look alot nicer an more bigger then Forza 3 but the funny thing is that GT5 could get better because it hasn't came out yet (While we see Forza 3 come out look the way it came)
Christopher  +   2436d ago
If a few thousand people can proclaim Forza 3 the winner...
Can those 20,000 people who signed the anti-L4D2 petition claim Valve a failure?
pwnsause  +   2436d ago
Bribery takes people to high places..
Turn 10 finally learned how Microsoft Bribes the industry..
divideby0  +   2436d ago
how true......MSs "failure rates are within industry standards" to T10 bribing for votes = how low can you go...what a bunch of clowns
DARK WITNESS  +   2436d ago
oh, what fun we are having !
darren_poolies  +   2436d ago
And GT6 is better than Forza 7.


Wft, you can't say one game is better than the other when neither are out yet. How did this even get approved?
#28 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Zhuk  +   2436d ago
Xbox 360 and Turn 10 are victorious against the evil Sony Empire in this poll. Gamers have chosen Forza 3 as the ultimate simulator franchise this generation.

The proliferation of this 'story' is merely attempt by all the fandroids and Sony Pony's to garner more votes for the losing side.

Accept defeat fandroids, PS3 is sinking, so is GT.

Xbox 360 and Forza 3 Kings of the 21st Century.
talltony  +   2436d ago
Dude shut up
your an idiot! Your the one who should accept defeat! go outside!!!
#29.1 (Edited 2436d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
MGOelite  +   2436d ago
if you think forza is a driviing sim you a bloody idiot... have you seen the trailer lol??
Nelson M  +   2436d ago
Oh it's Zhuk
Taking time away from Uno
To Enlighten us with his BullSh*t
DevilNinja420  +   2435d ago
Seriously, u think they won , They won cuzz they were bribeing people with cars that are near impossible to get for forza 2, seriously, its a joke like forza, I think they are scared to be honest.
gambare  +   2435d ago
lol sukz is an idiot, forza 3 lose the poll, even with the bribe!
The_Truth_Itself  +   2435d ago
The truth speaks cut and dry.
Forza Motorsport is the better game, and sony -ites are afraid of this reality.
Veneno  +   2436d ago
Forza 3 will be 2 discs right?
How will this work out? Is the player going to have to constantly change discs when selecting different races, cars, tracks,etc?
Jdoki  +   2436d ago
Well, what happens is, Forza 3 works perfectly with the Natal controller

So when you come in to the pits, your buddy who has been sitting on the sofa has to jump up, change your virtual tires, and swap discs while he is up!!

Godmars290  +   2436d ago
I think you'll have to install the game engine, then play the discs with cars and tracks. Or the other way around.

As to subject, now that the story's gone so public you've got to wonder if the guy who started all this BS isn't going to get fired. He needs to considering he's turned turned his company into a joke.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2436d ago
Disc 1 = main game

Disc 2 = more cars and tracks to install to your harddrive a la DLC
GarandShooter  +   2435d ago
@ Jdoki

Now that was funny. Thanks for the laugh.
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