MP: Video Games 'Clearly' Cause Knife Wielding Troublemakers

Once again the UK parliamentarians get to grips with the causes of knife crime among teenagers. You've no need to guess that video games are trotted out front and centre of the parade of shame.

First up, Chris Grayling (Shadow Home Secretary, Home Affairs; Epsom & Ewell, Conservative) who kicks of with some apparently sensible information, "In most cases for most children, playing a violent video game is not going to turn them into a knife-wielding troublemaker..." before succumbing to the pretence of fact with "but for some it clearly can." Clearly? Is there any evidence of this? Of course not.

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Hellsvacancy3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Music is 2 blame and im 1 of the biggest lovers of music - EVER

But music IS 2 blame - If it asnt 4 say Hip Hop,Garage,Drum n bass etc u wont hav those people that walk around with there jeans down 2 there ankles that talk in that rhyming slang that hav it in there head that "blowin your hommies away" is all good

Take Heavy Metal,Thrash metal etc (which i mainly listen 2) u wont get the children of the night that wanna paint the hair and finger nails black VAMPIRES or wot-ever they think they r

If it wasnt 4 say Scar and Punk rock u wouldt of had the Mods and the Skin Heads (i know with the Skin Heads it was a bit more than that)

I think u get the idea by now

Music is a culture its an influence (sum times a BAD influence)

potenquatro3327d ago

They can't control crime so they blame video games. Mybe if the police went after real criminals instead of busting teenagers for smocking a litle weed, the hole world would be a better place.

@hellsvacancy: I totally disagree with you. Video games are as much part of our culture as music or movies or books. I make a living making music. I can go on and on for hours explaining why I think your wrong. But I'll just say this... ALL CENSORSHIP IS WRONG. And what does the way people wear their jeans have to do with anything???

Music is one of the most traditional ways of expression in human history. All music genres have cultural consecuences, good and bad. That's how we culturally know what's good or bad(unles you go by the biggest farytale ever:TheBible). You talk about HipHop and It's lyrics?? When HipHop started it had very violent lyrics yes. But as the rest of the population got to know that culture the violence in the lyrics went down, because the need for a minority to scream for attention went down. How do you explain the succes of KanyeWest,Andre3000,LupeFiasco ,TalibKweliYou,DeLaSoul,Digable Planets etc etc etc. The first four I mentioned have sold more records then their violent counterparts. Same goes with Punk. Punk started very violent and now it's gotten to pop status. Even BobMarley was a litle violent during his ska days. Hell even in his reggae days he got a litle violent:"I shot the sheriff". Like I said I could go on and on for hours.

You sound like a 60 year old conservative. If you are one, "it's all good hommie". Thank the lord I live in a democracy, and I get to fight it out with you guys every four years :) ALL CENSORSHIP IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS: the music you hear the most has also brought some terrible cultural backlash. We build cultures with what we have. It is pretenssious and tyranical to hide aspects of our everyday lives just so we can blame it on something else and sleep better at night.

CSM-101e3327d ago

I'd like to say something witty and insightful; I'm neither of those things. Instead, I'll refer you to the collective works of George Carlin and Bill Hicks.