The Importance Of K/D Ratios - Notes Of A Hardcore Gamer

NextGN writes: "It was with Resistance: Fall of Man, however, that I initially became hooked with online shooters. At the beginning I wasn't even aware that K/D Ratios even existed. I was just impressed by how much fun it was. One fateful day, while I was looking through my profile, I discovered a little number that safely sitting below - K/D Ratio. Obviously, being my first online shooter, it was a very modest 1.2. I immediately felt kind of bad and decided I had to make it higher. That's were it all began..."

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-x.Red.x-3329d ago

I started to care about my K/D when I started to play the SOCOM series.

I remember I had to have a 2.5+ in be in top clans, now.. I'm waiting for FTB3 :D