Aaron Greenberg - "Xbox 360 has the best games & most exclusives"

Part 4 of Gamertag Radio's exclusive video interview with Aaron Greenberg from Microsoft recorded during E309. Today he talks about why Xbox 360 has the best games & the most exclusives.

Do you the readers agree?

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MegaMohsi3271d ago

Great him again, 360 has it's games, it has the most games because it was out a year earlier than the competition, the most exclusives? Probably, because of the reason above. Best games? That's always subjective

GWAVE3271d ago

Greenburg is a PR person.

You can be an avid fan of the 360 fan, but it doesn't mean that you have to agree with him. The "best" is up to personal opinion, but Metacritic would clearly show that the PS3 has plenty of "best" games to be envied.

And technically, the Wii has the most exclusives, so sorry, Greenie.

saggyscrote3271d ago

lol this guy should go into politics with the amount of BS that comes out of him !!!

TheTwelve3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Or do you think he would actually say, "The 360 got a year headstart and that's really the only reason why we have the lead in the current-gen. Our games are pretty good considering the hardware and DVD9 limitations, but admittedly getting outpaced by even early PS3 exclusives. We've come a bit short this year in terms of bringing exclusives to the 360, and so I can totally understand why people would want to buy a PS3 in 2009. Indeed, without our pricecut, we would be lagging far behind on month-to-month sale basis."



Game13a13y3271d ago

MS is really scared of Sony now. everyday they came up with something new lol.

Lifendz3271d ago

this guy just seems like a vile person. He always looks unkempt. I get that whole vacuum cleaner salesman from him.

talltony3271d ago

This isnt 2006 or 2007 anymore. he is living in the past with old exclusives before the ps3 caught its stride.

Dude4203271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I like the games on the Xbox, they're very fun, but this guy needs to stfu. He gives Xbox fans a bad name and just gives fuel for the flames.

EDIT: Nevermind, I listened to it again and what he's talking about are the responses the fans made, he didn't state that he thought MS had the best and most exclusives. As someone said below, this is in fact a flamebait title.

My honest mistake.

AKNAA3271d ago

these are the TONS of exclusives he mentioned... splinter cell:convictions,forza 3, shadow complex, L4D2, halo odst(still just another DLC to me).
TONS of exclusives beyond sony's indeed... in another note, when I was high on Ecstasy one time, I was seeing doubles of everything!

Gantrfaxx3271d ago

I don't see any exclusives in its genres better than for example Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy rain, Last Guardian, Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet etc. With which games can Ms counter those????

jamesrocks31473271d ago

does he not look into sonys line up? idiot

njr3271d ago

Best games? Most of them are multiplatform! I laughed at the "most exclusives" part as well.

Rainstorm813271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Microsoft Self Indulgence Day !

For him to make that statement when the media unanamously said PS3 had the most games at E3. Most said eiither Uncharted 2 or God of War 3 was Game of the Show. MS won in many peoples eyes because of NATAL ONLY.

Mr. Greenburg your statement doesnt apply to E3 09 or 2009.

Get in your Delorean and go back to 06-07 when it was believeable.

singing - "Gotta go back in time"

Tito Jackson3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

did you honestly expect him to promote the competition?
if you watched this and were upset by it, and didn't EXPECT to be--- youre a [email protected]$$.

@syronicus: that dude looks like someone i wouldnt leave alone with my children.

callahan093271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Hmm. I never like to hear the PR shills tell me they're better than the competition. Of course they're going to say it, it's completely meaningless. Can you give me something a little more meaningful next time, please, thank you.

edgeofblade3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I agree with GWAVE that AG's job is to talk things up. "Best" is extremely subjective... but I would go even further beyond ratings. Metacritic is just as unreliable and subjective. A statistical sampling of subjectivity is still subjective.

In my experience playing Fuel and reading the reviews, some of these reviewers must not have played very much of the game to form such an opinion. They either phoned in the review, just wanted the huge game off their plate, or the publisher didn't bribe them with enough...

And as it pertains to "exclusives" on PC... ok, we will do it your way: It's PS3 and Wii Excluded. You can't play it anywhere other than a Microsoft platform.

@Raiinstorm81: You must be only reading if you think there is anything close to a unanimous agreement about the games. I still say Sony and Microsoft did their job equally well, and they can both share the crown at E3. ...were it not for divisive fanboy b*tches.

Genesis53271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Ok! What are you playing now?

Edit @ below:
That is where a year head start comes in handy. Come back in another year and see where things stand.

militant073271d ago

its show the % rather the number, so far not accurate.

according to meta.

PS3 has 13 title scored +90 and only 4 of them are exclusive.
and 91 title scored +80.

while XBOX360

has +20 title scored +90 and only 9 of theme are exclusive.
and 124 title scored +80 .

beans3271d ago

I don't like any of those games so whats your point? The last guardian looks sweet, none of the other games you mentioned caught me as a gamer. It's all about opinion and in the case I could say the same thing from my perspective.

AAACE53271d ago

I know people who have an Xbox 360, Ps3 and Wii's! And Never buy exclusive games.

People with 360's who have never played Halo 3 or Gears. People with Ps3's who have never played MGS 4 or Killzone 2, and people with Wii's who have never played Mario Galaxy or Twilight Princess.

It's strange, but to them those games don't exist!

I even got a buddy who keeps trying to get me to jump on the PC bandwagon, saying all games are better on PC! I say like which ones, and he names all MMO's and Third party games like CoD: WaW. He's completely oblivious to the fact that there are tons of games that he will miss out on.

irish-leprecaun3271d ago

in a drunken state came up behind him and K.O. him GOW style!! epic...

FamilyGuy3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

This is not a "flame bait" interview and he spoke in a very professional manner but he still said "has the most" and i disagree with that. He went on to name some and could hardly think of but a few. Next to this:
There's no way they have "the most".
M$ didn't have very many games coming into the year and that still holds true. He even brings up exclusive, original arcade titles in which sony would have more in that case as well. And this is the total list, not just 09. We have to wait till next E3 for more

Halo Wars
OSDT (or however the order of those letters go)
Shadow Complex (looks cool like metroid and castlevania because of the map of the complex)
Splinter Cell
Forza 3
Left for Dead 2
Crack Down 2 (?)
What am i missing here.

No Way3270d ago

Can't we all just agree that [almost] everything that PR guys say is bullspit?

emitsiti3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Microsoft's greedy ass do have the better exclusives...

xbox360 (all coming out in 2009)
-Splinter cell conviction
-Halo ODST
-Lost Planet 2
-Mass Effect 2
-forgot, Alan Wake (2010)

PS3(worth mentioning...)
-God of War 2(dont know when this is coming out)
(left out Heavy rain, cuz it sucks, but the rest are great.)

Xbox has the better immediate line up. We don't know what other projects (perfect dark 2) they got lined up for the future...

And don't call me a fanboy. i have a ps3, and i love it, but i am a gamer, and i want the best games... sorry to say, but they're on the 360...

raztad3270d ago

It's quite expected a PR man say something in these lines, nothing to complain about guys it's just his job.

That said, two standalone expansion are the real exclusives for the xbox this year. Not counting PC games like Conviction (looks gorgeous btw) cause I can play them on my PC whenever it suits me. In fact you can get the best of both worlds with a PS3 and a medium spec PC, but you are missing out seriously just sticking with a 360.

Interested in (2009)

R&C:ACiT, Sigma2, DS and UC2, Conviction (PC) and Batman:AA (hope its awesome)

Sarick3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Watch how many times he looks away from the camera when he talks. This is one of the ways detectives and psychologist detect when people are lying.

A few of the questions right before he answers or while he's answering he looks away from the interviewer.

I'm sorry but he seems very insecure about his own statements. He breaks eye contact every time he replies. If I was a betting man he consciously trying to mislead the interviewer and subconsciously too ashamed to look the interviewer in the eyes when making those statements.

I've never seen such an obvious example of how not to lie in front of a camera. I don't care if what he says is true or false if he worked for any of the gaming companies. His method of responding to the interviewer made me literally see right through him or at least think he's being misleading.

Edit : Oh yea. others way you can tell someone is being misleading is by pupils dilating or the subject rubs their head just before making a statement.

All-33270d ago

Actually - at 01:44 - He says:

"... hands down.. yeah, the people's response has been, we've got the biggest and best games and most exclusives... "

Aaron Greenberg isn't saying it personally... he said --> " the people's response has been... "

No Way3270d ago

Mann, you got your sequels all messed up. Haha.
And, Heavy Rain is.. different, but I think it looks pretty cool.
But, to each his own, I suppose.

Also, I like both line-ups.. :)

emitsiti3270d ago

yeah I know, I realized that after the fact... my bad!!! both consoles should do well though in the game department.

No Way3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Haha. It's all good. :)
I was just like.. "Ooh Wee, wait a minute.. what?" Ha.

But, yea, both consoles have some good games coming in the next few months.
I'm exited for some games on both systems. Both line-ups are looking good.
Conviction, Mass Effect 2, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, MAG, Alan Wake.. Phew. :D

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ShabzS3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

deep down even i was one of the many who felt that ''oh man this e3 is gonna suck'' ... microsoft is too quite they dont have anything to show ... but damn on june 1st my faith in them was restored...

and at the point of the conference where they got hideo on stage and had him finally announce a metal gear solid game coming to 360 that was it man... that was the point where i felt like... "wow they actually listened and cared for us 360 only owners like me"...

mephman3271d ago

I agree. He just talks about their games. He doesn't claim they are the best, or that they have the most.

hac-hunter3271d ago

I honestly think he did a pretty good interview....he commented on products from MSFT and left Sony out of it. Of course he's gonna be proud of what MSFT has to offer and he's gonna let the interviewer know.
He didn't seem like the big Douche-bag that he was a few months ago with those "sony sales are hemorrhaging at retail" comment....I dunno, maybe he's smartened up a bit?

Rainstorm813271d ago

People expect what the headline implies. Its not peoples faullt though Aaron Greenburg has said enough to make the headline very believeable. Last time i saw AG he was humble about E3 i thought he has to just let the beast free. lol

SupaPlaya3271d ago

they need to fix the headline. What a cheap way to get heat...

phosphor1123271d ago

Neither of them are true.

The Wii has most exclusives.

PS3 has the best rated games.

nackno3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

check at 1:44 to 1:50
"We got the biggest and best games and most exclusives"

mistajeff3270d ago

to his credit he's most definitely toned it down a lot. hopefully he realized he was making MS look worse by trying to set everyone on fire.

No Way3270d ago

If you are going to quote someone.. then, please, use the whole quote. =/

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madmonkey03271d ago

notice the position of his hand and direction he is looking at 0.20 this is a sure sign he is lying or is not confident with what he is saying. any way on a whole it wasnt bad, maybe the title of this article should be changed.

KionicWarlord2223271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

its a conspiracy !!!!



ok i noticed that . But he also could be thinking of games not coming this year .

table3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I disagree. He looks up and to the right, that's a sure sign that he is looking to a point in his memory.

Edit: I'm not sure if lie to me is out in the UK yet? I think it might come out tomorrow on sky one? it looks pretty cool anyway.

Edit @ madmonkey: you have a point but sometimes you do that when you are comfortable with your surroundings. It helps if you know the person. Check out an English guy called Derren Brown btw he knows the score on these things.

madmonkey03271d ago

yep your right it can just mean he is trying to recall something from memory, but he is touching the back of his neck at the same time which is a sure sign he is lying. perhaps he is trying to remember a pre arranged script, that isn't wholly true, or he subconsciously doesn't believe.

-MD-3271d ago

You need to stop watching Lie to Me.

madmonkey03271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )




Derren brown is a legend, watched all of his stuff, really hoping to see hime live one day.

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Stryfeno23271d ago

Good job Greenberg on E3...Show Droids no mercy.

blackbeld3271d ago

Most exclusive my @ssss.....

Dimitri3271d ago

Hahahaha very funny Aaron :).

Every website gave SONY the best looking game line up.

Good luck Microsoft.

Man_of_the_year3271d ago

You couldn't be more wrong.

Montreafart3271d ago

How many does 360 have by comparison? 4.


MS was so desperate they had to get EPIC to make a ARCADE game just so they can count another 1 title as an exclusive, kid. Thats fking PATHETIC.

And greenturd is retarded. Its one thing when you gloat about your console, doing some PR. Its another thing when youre down right BEATEN in exclusives and you start to lie about it, living in a world of denial.

Man, consumers see right through this kind of shiat and will RIP right through you.

Xbox 360s downfall has started. And it was triggered by the bots working at MS.

Mr Face Creamer3271d ago

The PS3 only had KZ2 and inFamous in the first half of 2009... You're getting Uncharted 2 in the second half...

That's all I can think of.

Ven10003270d ago

You also forget Flower and MLB 09 the Show. Both of with will be remembered at the end of the hear as some of the TOP games of 2009.

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Nelson M3271d ago

Of what GreenTurd is Smoking

madmonkey03271d ago

it must be some strong sh!t

user8586213271d ago

A just smoked dat sh*t now, dude halo odst got best graphics this gen ;)