A Gran Turismo Op-Ed: A Massive Rant About Racing Sims

PSX Extreme: "I figured instead of writing a reply in the comments section to Ben's Gran Turismo op-ed, I'd piece an article of my own. As someone who is an absolute gearhead, and who's favorite genre is non other than the one in question, I'd also like to see the collective bunch behind Forza (this includes MS, and developer Turn 10) stop with the finger wagging, too. I've owned the original Forza, and thought it was rubbish. It's tire-model felt like every car had no weight; in other words, the feedback between the gamer and game was poor.."

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bigboss9113322d ago

You better believe it, holy crap that was long. I was expecting the headline was exaggerating, but no that was massive...
M.A.G = Massive rant from Aggravated Gamer lulz...
He had some good points as well. Gt is awesome, but has some quirky flaws. Still the best though.

TomMcBaum3322d ago did Grid, for that matter. For looks and weight, I'm willing to overlook the bumper-car physics of GT5P, but I look forward to properly implemented damage -- TOCA3 (which was surprisingly good, I thought) got me hooked on that. The perfectionism of its maker shines through in every GT release.