Who Needs an iPhone 3G S with These 8 Great Alternatives?

Apple unveiled its newest smartphone this week, but if you're no Apple fanatic, here are eight more devices as (or more) promising.

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qface643389d ago

there's always a better alternative especially in the case of the iphone there are WAY better options out there

but people just really get the iphone/ipod for the brand name

sonarus3389d ago

I need an ipod. 32GB iphone provides me a phone ipod hybrid. The last smart phone i got was absolute trash. Most of the people i know with iphone love it so i'll definitely be getting one

Cicinho3389d ago

Where is the Samsung Omnia HD?

8mp Camera, HD 720p Video recording, 3.7inch OLED display, HD Video playback and a full screen touch qwerty keyboard as well as 3.5mm headphone jack.

This is the phone I have and its not even in the same league as the iphone.

WhittO3389d ago

^^ ye they are great features, but i bet the phone is fat and heavy, also if you compared the touch-screen of iphone to ANY other phone, the iphone always wins, its so responsive and the screen doesnt "dent in" when u are pressing it.

I have an lg phone, and am getting rid of it after only 5 months (i usally keep my phones for 1-2+ years), the touch screen is just so laggy, yes i can press something and it will respond, but as soon as i start going through the menus faster or texting, expect alot of lag and missing letters, even though i am actually typing slow.

You pay for what you get thats all im gona say..

Cicinho3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

No the screen is just as responsive if not better, screen does not "dent in" Its only 13mm thick and weighing in at 149 grams.

Iphone is 12.3 mm. Weighing in at 133 grams

The problem with multi touch not working properly in pre release firmware was updated for retail but the edition I got is really fast. Problem I had was touching the right button i was going to quick but my fingers have adjusted.

WhittO3389d ago

you adjust to any phone you get, but i just cant adjust to my current touch-screen and i have had like over 15 phones lol.

I guess some touch-screens are better than others, but my mates have the samsung tocco and it has really laggy menus etc.

Functionality/reliability out-weighs feature list!

Cicinho3389d ago

Haha for sure but its the lower end phones that have the problems like that becuase its cheaper material used to make the phone cheaper.

Sim free Tacco is £200 and a sim free omnia hd is £600

You get what u pay for.

Bonsai12143389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

the omnia's touch screen is resistive, rather than capacitive. this means it does "dent in" while you press down on it, though it does it very very slightly. resistive screens register where you touch it by having two plates touch together where you press the screen, whereas capacitive screens don't dent in because there is a single plate which registers electric charge generated by your finger. plus the touchwiz UI sucks compared to the iphones.

i've been wanting to buy an Eternity for the last few days since my phone is going.. so i've been shopping around a lot.

Tito Jackson3389d ago

Youre totally right man. Its all about the Branding. The Iphone is sh*t. Its always been sh*t. I mean come on, they just announced modern features, like MMS, Video recording, Voice notes, Cpoy/paste and its been how long since the original came out? Still no tethering, AT&T is getting screwed on that b/c all of the other providers in the world are supporting it on their Iphones. And they talk about remote wipe like it something new. A feature thats been available on Blackberries for a looooooooong time. Their enterprise support is a joke, and so is Mobile Me. The iphone has Apps, but they are mainly gimmicks, just

All and all, you can tell I dont really care for the iphone. So what do I care for? Blackberries. God as my witness, there is nothing better. They do everything. Theres a reason they call them Crackberries.

The Palm Pre is SICK. It slaps the Iphone in its snatch, and calls it a B*tch. I'm very excited for that phone.

But yeah, there are a lot of great phones out there :)

Silellak3389d ago

If you say so. I love my iPhone, but I hate Apple as a company.

I use my iPhone for all of the following things:

1. Phone/texting
2. Internet/email
3. Music - MP3 and internet radio (Pandora and Slacker apps)
4. Video/YouTube
5. eBook reader
6. Note taking in meetings with QuickOffice
7. Geocaching
8. Weight loss/calorie tracking
9. WiFi-based flash drive
10. Gaming
11. In-car navigation

I'm sure there are other phones that do some or all of these, but the iPhone does them all so smoothly, it's hard to complain. With the 3.0 firmware coming out next week, the available options will continue to improve. I've already my stereo Bluetooth headphones.

Honestly, my biggest worry with the iPhone is that I've put "too many eggs in one basket".

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Christopher3389d ago

Definitely better phones out there.

But no one can compete with their applications.

Random4043389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

It's winmo 6.1 and upgradeable to 6.5. Should be available on sprint this summer.

Response to 3 below.

cherrypie3389d ago

Windows Mobile has **TONNES** of applications. Apps to do everything you can imagine.

Windows Mobile 6.5 will have a Windows Mobile Marketplace.

Like the Danger Hiptop (or RIM, Palm or iphone frankly).

SumRandomDude3389d ago

App store is a proven service.....others are yet to get there.
So far what makes the iphone so great is the app store. You can find an app for almost everything.

ChrisGTR13389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

i want an iphone, but i dont have cingular :(

hey does anyone know a really good phone on sprint? prepherably with windows mobile on it cause its the only option apart from their propriatary bs software that comes on all regular phones.

LevDog3389d ago

Palm Pre is for Sprint.. I just ordered mine.. Check the reviews.. It surpasses the Iphone in alot of areas and is equal in others.. The Apps is the only thing the Iphone has over the Pre.. buy Apps are apps.. I personally dont use that many.. So not a big deal for me

ChrisGTR13389d ago

wow thank you , that phone looks awesome. hey any news on if this phone can play java games and all that. i used to have a nokia 6600 and i could actually go to some forums where everyone would post tons of cracked cellphone games you could easily transfer and play for free. you know if this has anything like that? whats the OS on this? it kinda looks like a sprint OS.

Jack_Burton3389d ago

What about G1? I personally got the G1 phone a month ago and in love with it. Great apps and have fun with the Barcode scanner. My Gf has the Iphone and find the texting annoying.

locos853389d ago

The exact reason why i'm getting the G1 over the Iphone. I'm more of a texter than talking on the phone. How is the music app on the G1. I want to put all my music on there. Is the sound good like an Ipod?

Jack_Burton3389d ago

Hmm I have not compared the sound of Iphone to the G1. Have no complaints of the sound from the G1 thus far. To be honest I would think the Iphone would be a better music player but I have not compared. Your guess is good as mine. I do more e-mailing, texting and phone user rather than using phone as a mp3 player. I got the Zune for that.

locos853388d ago

Well that's the reason why I'm asking. My zune is acting up and I need to replace it. If i can get a good Mp3 player with my phone that would be awsome. If not then I'm not sure is I should get the Ipod touch or the Ipod classic.

Theoneneo813389d ago

Windows mobile i hear has been crap since day one the Keyboard for pre has been horrible from what i hear and half of those phones are mostly more expensive. I have had a samsung flipshot for over a yer been a great phone but i plan on geting a iphone 3gs hopefully by the end of the summer. show me were u can get a 3mp camera with 32 gigs of hard disk space for 299

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