IncGamers Preview - Dissidia: Final Fantasy

IncGamers' Tim McDonald gets a look at forthcoming Square-Enix fighting game Dissidia: Final Fantasy and has a chat with the devs about the difficulties involved in making it, what we can expect from the Western release, and more.

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Leord3326d ago

I think they should re-launch all the older ones on PSP/DS etc :)

Dorjan3326d ago

They have just finished VII!

Fyzzu3326d ago

Hey, it's happening. FF1&2 hit GBA, 3 and 4 have been remade for DS, 6 is supposedly getting a DS remake, 7 has been ported to PS3 and PSP... They're still getting the most from their old series, it seems.

Dorjan3326d ago

I want want want want want want want want


thetamer3326d ago

Square Enix have a lot of titles coming up, I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Maticus3326d ago

Final Fantasy characters in a fighting game eh? The fans will go wild!

-GametimeUK-3326d ago

I went wild for Ehrgeiz on PS1... XD

Myst3326d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on that bundle :).

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