How Overlord 2 Turned My Girlfriend Into a Chick

Bitmob writes: You wouldn't be able to tell it from looking at her, but my girlfriend's tougher -- and more disturbed -- than most.

She cheered during Sony's E3 press conference when Kratos gutted open a centaur in God of War 3. She sits through disturbing foreign movies like Irreversible and Frontiers (American films are almost too tame for her) as if she's watching the latest from Pixar. And she shows her affection toward me not with random kisses, but with a series of pretend punches to my face, complete with sound effects.

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Nelson M3329d ago

"How Overlord 2 Turned My Girlfriend Into a Chick with a D*ck"

andron6663329d ago

In the cuteness factor ratings I mean. I really don't see why Peta and others are so upset about the seal clubbing in Overlord 2. You killed countless "cute" little sheep in the first game to harvest souls.

I mean you are an evil overlord, but clubbing seals is over the line? From what I know there aren't that many sheep living in arctic environments. And you can kill villagers and other animal....

Nikkelz3329d ago

dont believe he has a girlfriend....i dont know,but he sounds kinda corny

anyways,peace and game on