Bitmob Comes Together with the Beatles

Throughout most of this year's E3, the crew got pulled in every different direction trying to cover the show with our shorthanded staff. But The Beatles: Rock Band was the one time (well, outside of the requisite Big Three conferences) that most of us came together to enjoy a game. It's definitely my Game of the Show -- I already gushed about it over at 1UP (warning: obsessive Beatles fan mode ahead), but I made a return trip to MTV Games' booth when I heard Bitmob managing editor Greg Ford, staff writer Michael Donahoe, and Mobcast contributor Robert Ashley would be there. After all, while it was great to impersonate John Lennon with a few strangers, I knew the experience would be that much better with Robert as Paul McCartney, Greg as George Harrison, and Donahoe as Ringo Starr.

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