Theage Review: The Godfather II

Theage writes: "EA should have known better than to mess with the family. It has now produced two video games that have betrayed the spirit (and quality) of the iconic films.

The Godfather II has some good ideas, but the execution is terrible. And as with its predecessor, it is hard to escape the feeling that shoehorning Grand Theft Auto into the mafia setting was a big mistake: an anarchic playground is at odds with the source material, where every action is supposed to have serious consequences. Players control a new character named Dominic who earns an increasingly important role serving the Corleone family. The action begins in New York, but it is not long before players move to Miami, and they can later run amok in Cuba. All three locations are similarly drab and uninspired, a far cry from the wonderfully detailed and "alive" Liberty City in Grand Theft AutoIV."

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