Movie makers turn to producing video games

The Hollywood moguls behind such films as Dark Knight, Watchmen and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy are looking for their next blockbuster in a new realm: video games.

An increasing number of big-shots from the movie business are seeing new opportunities in the $50 billion global interactive entertainment industry. Power producers such as Jerry Bruckheimer and Thomas Tull, as well as hot directors such as Gore Verbinski and Zack Snyder, have all recently dived into the still-growing game market.

The Hollywood players are diving into games for new creative challenges, but also because consumers are continuing to snap them up during the recession even as they cut back on some other media such as movie DVDs.

''We're in the entertainment business,'' said Bruckheimer, producer of such action films as Top Gun and National Treasure. ''We will entertain you in the theaters, on TV and on your game platforms.''

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