Top 15 No-Shows of E3 2009

E3 2009 may have come and gone, but its impact will last for months. With so many huge announcements and big name blockbusters on the way, the return of our industry's greatest spectacle to its former extravagant glory seems to have been a resounding success.

Well... not entirely. Quite a few previously announced games were noticeably absent from the hustle and bustle of this year's show. Development problems? A less-than-confident publisher? Game just ain't no good? Who knows, but here are the most notable no-shows:

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Information Minister3084d ago

Put Mirror's Edge 2 in there and you got yourself a list.

Viewtiful3084d ago

You expected to see the sequel to a game released only 8 months prior to E3 when the original sold terribly? You sir, are a madman.

SlamVanderhuge3084d ago

It sold over a million units, more now that it dropped to $30. There will be a sequel, but its too soon.

Its not on the list because its not "official" yet.

stewie328873084d ago

Yeah, where the hell was The 3rd Birthday? The PSP received so much screen time this year, it seems a bit weird that they didn't show it off any.

SlamVanderhuge3084d ago

Procrastinate is what Square does best

reddevilyi3084d ago

I'm not surprised at no new info on Half-Life and Portal. Since when has Valve ever been punctual with info and releases?

SirLarr3084d ago

I was in the room when someone asked Valve's Doug Lombardi about this. He just gave a sheepish grin in reply.

I guess that means they are working on it, but aren't ready to say anything.

mr durand pierre3084d ago

Excellent list. I was particularly looking forward to Half-Life 2 Ep: 3, and a Wii Zelda, but alas, was still a lot of greatness on display there.