Strategy Informer: Splinter Cell - Conviction Preview

From the preview: "Perhaps more interesting is the artistic style that occurs when in the shadows, unseen. Because Fisher doesn't have his secret agent suit, there's no reading on whether he's easily noticeable or not, just like the real world. But if he's shrouded in complete darkness, the world turns black and white, meaning he's invisible. It's another unique way to show something otherwise unknowable without some crazy technology, and we like it."

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Kain813272d ago

is this game Timed exclusiv for the 360/PC???
Cause i thought its console exclusiv for the 360

Blackcanary3272d ago

i wanna know thought this was a 360 Exclusive.

360DownINflames3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Never a good thing when they start off by showing polished screenshots. Its coming this fall and they didnt show a trailer? HRmmmm kinda odd dont you think?

I think they just got owned because I definitely did not know it was on PC. So that is the better version to get anyhow....

Guess it doesnt matter for M$ but man thats a real shaft for 360 users they literally have no exclusives this year.

Grown Folks Talk3272d ago

360 can still play it can they not? That's all that matters to me. Can I play it or not.

mindedone3272d ago

I mean, how would they know? I also could be a ploy to get their submissions to heat up faster, i.e., spamming submissions.

Ellessdee3272d ago

they are putting it on the ps3 section on purpose to get more hits. i mean isnt that why people post on n4g to begin with? makes sense to me. still, idc because i have a great pc to handle it. so ill read it anyways.