Pixel Verdict: Prototype Review

Steve Power writes:

"After a few less than stellar Crash Bandicoot titles, the developers at Radical Entertainment, the guys behind the critically acclaimed Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, have returned to the sandbox territory with Prototype, but does the game have what it takes to survive in today's more sophisticated sandbox?"

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LTC3207d ago

There it is bots, your Infamous killa.

Montreafart3207d ago

Every sane person knows that the xbots are inferior. Their game line up is fking pathetic.

And they hype up MULTI PLATFORM games lol. Yea, I can play those games too rofl. But in this case, Im not.

In their attempt to bash another PS3 exclusive, Infamous, they went as far as to claim that Prototype is better.

ROFL! Delusional they are people. Its like comparing The dark knight with some no name C movie.

Hahaha delusional.

table3207d ago

reviews for this game are all over the place. Fortunately, there will be no cry of bias since this game is not exclusive to any console.

andron6663207d ago

Now I don't know what to think. Top to low scores is really weird for one game.

And since there is no demo you can't use that to decide either...

StanLee3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

You're right reviews have been hit or miss. Although, I've never heard of Pixel Verdict before. For me, the game is amazing. The scope of how powerful you can become is amazing. I think it's a shallow experience, maybe some would want more depth but it's amazing fun.

solidt123207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I guess i did the right thing by getting InFamous and skipping this game. I hear from people who played Prototype and InFamous that InFamous is a better buy, but Prototype is still a fun game that does some insane things. Im still gonna checkout Prototype as a rental.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3207d ago

"Fortunately, there will be no cry of bias since this game is not exclusive to any console. "

Why Dis said "pro-sony" websites will rate this game badly to defend infamous. lol

table3207d ago

lol, why dis is so pathetic. PSW gave it a 9/10 aswell.

Christopher3207d ago

StanLee hit it right on the head.

The game has some crazy powers, which is great if you're looking for that. But, it lacks depth, which is what many others look for.

Based on reading a few of the reviews, you can tell that those who rate it high love the ability to just destroy things in a lot of ways regardless of clunky controls whereas the lower-end scorers dislike it for the lack of anything worthwhile outside of total destruction and really hit it hard for its other faults as well.

TheRealSpy023207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

it's funny how this game is accurately being reviewed as less than average but inFamous is regarded as a good (or in some cases...great) game. yet, this game is being criticized for the same things ppl seem to overlook about infamous. "low res," "unimaginative," etc...

so we've had 3 sandbox games release within the last month and none have been terribly good. pretty good reflection of this console generation. since 360 and ps3 launched...we've seen about 3 great games, a handful of okay-good games, and a whole lotta sequels, rip-offs, and garbage.

guess we need to accept that gaming is going the same way as movies and music. gotta wade through a lot of crap to find the few decent ones.

EDIT: disagrees. and this is why the first comment is wrong. there absolutely is a bias. the fact that this game is multiplat is what causes it. there is competition between this and infamous...and since this isn't a ps3 exclusive and infamous is, obviously the fanboys are going to say infamous is the better game...which it isn''s equally trash.

but's N4G, and i think we all know what to expect from the members of this community. sony exclusive owners are so insecure about their system, they'll condemn anyone who criticizes anything about it...including the exclusives that are complete crap...i.e. infamous, i.e. killzone 2 (both of which i own, by the way).

Chubear3207d ago

You obviously have not payed Infamous at all cause "low res," "unimaginative," are qualities that do not in any form describe INfamous. Plus it can certainly boast of a storyline that's fantastic and one of the best endings to a video game in a very long time.

TheRealSpy023207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

i just said i owned it. why would i lie about that?

and how can you deny infamous doesn't have some of the worst, grainy, graphics you've seen in a while? there are jaggies everywhere, there are TONS of glitches, the resolution is terrible, the character models are generic and look terrible too, the motion cap is only okay on the main character and on everyone else they are awful. i don't even know how a person can look at infamous and see's simply a horrid game. everything about it from the repetitive, jump from building to building or grind a railing and throw grenades...err..sorry...electr icity, or zoom in and snipe...err sorry...shoot electricity...or do a force push...err...i'm sorry...umm...push ??? well i can't even think of anything to say about that's a blatant rip off of the force push.

i love how the ps3 fanboys ALWAYS accuse you not playing a game just cuz you can't stand an exclusive.

anyone is free to msg me and ask me for my PSN name and you can check my trophies. chances are i've not only got the game, but i have a lot more unlocks than you do because once i start a game, i feel that i need to complete as much as i can. not that i feel the need to justify my claims to a buncha biased "gamers" who are so blinded by their fanboyism they can't see a game's obvious flaws as long as it's exclusive to the system they are obsessed with.

EDIT: sorry, i forgot about the second part of that paragraph. LOL...the story is "fantastic???" are you kidding me? the story is so poorly told not even uwe boll could make it worse. and the protagonist and antagonists are straight from just about every movie based on a comic book i've ever seen.

this is exactly what i'm talking about...blind fanboyism. what a joke.

marinelife93207d ago

Infamous is a fun game I just beat it playing "hero" and had a blast. Did not see the big plot twist in the story line at the end. Now I'll go back and play as "infamous" to try the alternative story and missions.

I haven't played prototype yet but I'll probably at least rent it since I got some time. I'm sure it's not 2/5 but also not 4.9/5. It's probably somewhere in between.

sorceror1713207d ago

@TheRealSpy02 - Just curious: in your opinion, what open-world sandbox game DOES have excellent graphics w/no 'jaggies', excellent motion capture and models on all characters, with a moving, compelling story?

I'd just like to know what standard you're comparing with.

TheRealSpy023207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

i compare it to the standards of my expectations for the generation we are supposed to be in. everyone runs around praising everything despite this generation's obvious lack of a leap forward or ANY originality. and while i think it's great that gaming gets the recognition it deserves, that seems to have created a double edged sword. where as once gaming was taboo but unique and interesting, it is now mainstream and boring. and sure, there is the occasional fun title; but for the most part, all i see is remake here, rip off there, lame here lame there. and you notice how the best looking games always seem to lack color? MGS, Gears of war, killzone, etc...
that's because they don't actually look that great and they need to mask the lack of a leap forward in graphics from the last generation with a cheap trick to confuse your eyes into seeing things that aren't there. and this becomes apparent when you see console games attempt to actually introduce color and infamous is a great example of this.

and i admit, i'm probably a lot more cinical than most ppl are about gaming, but what do you expect? i'm not rich, games now cost 60 dollars and they invest more money into making one than they do into things that should matter like public school education. i am the same with movies and music as well. i simply have a high expectation from a product that takes years to make along with hundreds of ppl and thousands of man hours. i know gamers have a tough time with this, but you just need to let go and see what's actually there rather than what you want to see. you'll be a lot richer for it, both in social quality and in your wallet.

just wanna add: that doesn't mean i think all games are bad, and that doesn't mean i necessarily put all my emphasis on graphics. but as i said, original game play mechanics, for the most part, left gaming a long time ago. i've already played infamous a thousand times. i've already played most of these games this generation a thousand times. and this generation of consoles seems so desperate to distance itself from the last that it seems to actually make the mistake of pure emulation without realizing it. what these companies have gotten a lot better at is marketing. and the fanboy flame war has gotten so bad that ppl feel like they have no choice but to choose sides which makes people more passionate and in turn, more blind.

i am not a fanboy though, im just a gamer...or i was just a gamer. now i'm just a guy who, from time to time, finds a decent piece of entertainment and i back it up, otherwise i do my best to avoid getting sucked into the console war and realize most games are just sh!t. even at the expense of my own popularity within the community.

gamesR4fun3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

"Honestly, I can’t in all good conscience recommend Prototype to anyone in a world in which InFamous is readily available. It doesn’t do anything particularly well, and while there are some solid gameplay concepts present, and the open world of NYC is huge indeed, there’s just nothing there to do that doesn’t get old extremely fast."

Even tho im only a few hours into Prototype i can c where hes coming from n ya inFamouse is a way better game but this ones still hella fun,..

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Kain813207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Not expected...
this score is a little bit to low in my opinion, if you look at other
Reviews than you Know what i mean...

Edit: i dont know why someone can disagree tis game has recieved 7-9/10
everywhere and this is the Lowest score

chidori6663207d ago



Pennywise3207d ago

4/10... I knew this games reviews wouldnt be great... but this is unexpected.

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