GoFanboy's Cosplay Babe of the Week Tifa

GF writes: "Tifa Lockheart has quite a few honors on her belt. And among being a major star in the renowned Final Fantasy series, she can now hang the title of GoFanboy Cosplay Babe of the Week from her suspenders.

So in order to pay our respects to not only Tifa, but the women who attempt to replicate her likeness at conventions around the world, we present a gallery which includes a wide variety of women dressed as Tifa. ..."

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lociefer3272d ago

Daaaaammmmnnnnn look at em titties

Time Lord3271d ago

plus I dont find huge breasts attractive at all.

Chrisny853271d ago

^^ or maybe you dont like woman

Time Lord3271d ago

^^ or maybe am not a perv.

Megatron083271d ago

the big tit b!tch is ugly. There are few pics on there of cute girls tho. The 1st girl with the glasses is cute the 3rd down on the right and 2nd from the bottom on the right.

qface643271d ago

what!!! "i don't find breasts attractive"
can those words even be used together like that

OMG tsk tsk tsk

Lifendz3271d ago

ma ma (makes puckering sound).

I think I just became a fan of cosplay. That or large breasted Japanese women.

joydestroy3271d ago

3rd and 6th one on the right FTW!

locos853271d ago

I think the 4th picture is the best. I'm a fan of big tits but not huge monstrosities they have here.

Tito Jackson3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

You know? With all the BS Flaming Fanboy article that pop up on N4G, im glad that this "lame attempt to generate hits" is pleasing 360,PS3,and Wii fans. Except for you. You dont seem to be happy. So I attached a video to this comment for you. Im sure its what you would rather see, rather than hot cosplay chix.

@devil: lol. has to be that first one. name a single time you had sex and it caused you to not like boobies? lol

ThanatosDMC3271d ago

Actually, too big is bad... though it does work for one kinky idea (wink wink if you know talking about). When the girl is on her back... it pulls it to her sides. Gravity is bad for our beloved bewbs...

Tony P3271d ago

Well those are *ahem* sizable.

But the very last girl in the right-hand column is a dead ringer imo. The resemblance is uncanny. I saw the thumbnail and thought it was reference CG.

TheDude2dot03271d ago

Way too big. I haven't liked that size of titties since I was 8

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I never heard of tifa, but at this point who cares

AKNAA3271d ago

She's the hot big breasted chick in Final fantasy 7 man!

specialguest3271d ago

Look at those gloves! That's gotta be 100% genuine grade-A leather, finely stitched and fitted! You can't find gloves that those anywhere. WOW!

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The story is too old to be commented.