Hobbit game "too ambitious" to tackle alongside film says del Toro

Director man Guillermo del Toro is working with Peter Jackson on The Hobbit, but this movie won't be accompanied by some videogame when it releases.

The team have "such tight release dates" that developing a game would stretch them too thin, though it certainly doesn't rule out something further down the line. Common sense prevails.

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madmonkey03326d ago

Movie games usually suck anyway, i would like to see a hobbit RPG game, but dont realy se how it could work, perhaps play as gandalf?

clinker3326d ago

But it WILL be accompanied by a crappy casual LOTR game from Warner Brothers:

JamieReleases3326d ago

Some movie games can be good, but it is rare.

knightoftears3326d ago

Why not make the game in retrospect to the original animated Hobbit movie? The original rocked!!!

condorstrike3326d ago

agreed with you knightoftears 100%, that movie takes me back...great movie, but hard to find for those that haven't seen it.

BadKarmaSutra963326d ago

Where there's a whip, there's a way!

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