Microsoft: Natal will work with "all ethnicities"

Eurogamer report's: Microsoft has responded to rather eyebrow-raising claims that Project Natal has problems tracking the movement of black skin, stating that the technology will "obviously work with people of all shapes and ethnicities at launch".

"Last week at E3, we gave a taste of what to anticipate when Project Natal launches. As we mentioned to everyone who had the chance to play, we were working with tech demos and, as we all know, these can be temperamental," Microsoft told Eurogamer.

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Jamie Foxx3359d ago

that the controllers 'racist' lol

hay3359d ago

Putting it with their motto: "You're the controller"...
Are you telling me that "black controllers" aren't 100% compatible with... How was it called? "The Light Side"?
Lol, even with Natal MS have compatibility issues.


joydestroy3359d ago

lol guess they took all the jokes about it being racist a little serious.

SupaPlaya3359d ago

is programmed to dislike the PS3, and therefore, black people.

Just make sure you don't let a white PS3 in sight of Natal...

Just kidding...

edgeofblade3359d ago

He's got a valid point about finicky tech demos. Why should we be holding MS accountable like this is a final product? As long as it's fixed by the time it's released, then great... no foul.

Of course, if you are just looking to rag on Microsoft for the hell of it, be my guest. You will just have to eat your words if they fix it.

SupaPlaya3359d ago

I read the posts above me I didn't see anyone knocking MS or even the slight mention of it.

People are just trying to have some fun with the prospect of a "racist controller". It's not right but it is kinda funny...

Saint Sony3359d ago

It's not like black skin is cloaking device for hiding infra red cameras. Of course you can try but you fail.

People are sometimes odd.

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KionicWarlord2223359d ago

Well this was obvious from the beginning. Some people ran with it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Yeah, this was lame to report in the first place. Even worse is when you have proof to the contrary, but decides to point it out in your story.

It's as if I said, my Xbox doesn't get RROD then in the article I state, but this guy got RROD... duh! Disproving your own story.....

If the skin absorbs the infrared signal, just emit a higher amount. As long as it isn't a dangerous level it will be fine.

edgeofblade3359d ago

That's great. It sounds like the old Sonic commercial in the US where they used the sega cartidge to make french fries and fit in a tackle box.

Natal, it also makes a stylish infrared sauna.

3359d ago
qface643359d ago

i just couldn't help but laugh at the tittle

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