Resumeplay: The Craft of Games: Open World vs. Linear Storytelling

Sebastain Maple writes: "With the dawn of the new century came the dawn of a new console, the Playstation 2. A significant upgrade over its earlier iteration, the system provided developers with the power they needed to develop more involving and expansive games. Released in 2001, Grand Theft Auto III was the first game to truly harness the power the system had to offer, and create something unique for the time. Leaving behind the 2D boundaries of its earlier brethren, GTA III took the series into 3D, and gave gamers their first true taste of an Open World Sandbox."

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360DownINflames3357d ago

You need to be able to tell a linear story in a sandbox environment now a days.. Its just lame running to the left and right and not being able to jump over the 1 foot rock.