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Submitted by skynidas 2365d ago | review

Eurogamer: Prototype Review

Eurogamer writes: "Prototype isn't really a game of exploration though. It's also less visually striking and varied than last month's inFamous, and less stylish than Crackdown. But, again, neither is really a criticism. Prototype is a game of riotous, gore-splattering ultraviolence. That's all it wants to be, and in many respects it does a solid, and often spectacular job. The victims may be plot, atmosphere and the difficulty curve, but then great power always comes at a cost". (PC, Prototype, PS3, Xbox 360) 7/10

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Nanisimo  +   2365d ago
ALWAYS... EUROGAMER (like Coke add haha)
jammy_70  +   2365d ago
so its on par with
infamous, K2 and tigerwoods 10.... well to eurogamer.....
JokesOnYou  +   2365d ago
Nah, just seems IGN complained about the difficulty (too chaotic) and the visuals but everybody seems to agree that the gameplay is really good, hell yeah this game is a blast.

vasilisk  +   2365d ago
I'm guessing that you don't have the game and haven't tried it yet. IGN never complained about the difficulty. The game is rather easy. They complained that's it's chaotic and that's a very different story. Having logged in more than 10 hours into the game I completely agree with IGN. The game can be chaotic in the sense that you don't know what to do during the combat, there's no strategy, no goal, just button mashing.

This is what I wrote 1 day before IGN's review was published:

"horrible graphics, repetitive missions and the narrative is awful. Sometimes it can be fun but the overall combat mechanics and gameplay are not good. Also the button mapping is one of the worst I've ever seen."

You can check my comment history and check the date I posted it. Now make a comparison of my comment with IGN's review. In the closing paragraph IGN talks about the button mapping. It's AWFUL. The graphics are also bad, copy/pasted scryscrapers with low res textures. I cannot believe some sites like the graphics, they're plain bad. The game is also fun at first but gets old really quick.
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s8anicslayer  +   2364d ago
yes vasilisk you did say that cause I happened to have read your comment, I'm glad that this game got decent reviews, so far no lower than a 7/10, I was hoping this game was going to be good
vasilisk  +   2364d ago
I was also hoping that this game would be good. But my opinion still is that this isn't a good game. It's mediocre at best. It's very good if you're 14-years old and you want mindless action. If you're a more story oriented player and you like the gameplay to have some meaning, strategy and not mindless button mashing then you won't like this game. I also stand behind my comment on the horrible graphics and button mapping. Also from the comments I've been reading most people who played the game did not like it, you can chek it out yourself.

My advice to you: Rent it and see for yourself, then if you like it, buy it. Don't buy it unless you try it. I would also like to hear your opinion about the game, feel free to PM me when you get your hands on it.
locos85  +   2364d ago
Why do they review every game with a 7/10.
raztad  +   2364d ago
I' m not gonna hit EuroLamers. Sorry. However just reading "Prototype isn't really a game of exploration though. It's also less visually striking and varied than last month's inFamous" make me sick. Those guys are really a joke. They hated inFAMOUS just for the sake of it, and now a seemingly inferior game got the same score.

Wasnt repetitiveness and visuals glitches their main concerns about inFAMOUS? Those guys have proven themselves to be a very bad source for a serious review.

That said, exploration is a big aspect on a open world game, and inFAMOUS realizes in the perfect way using a delicious platforming gameplay (forget about taxis or stealing cars, that is old). What's the point of having an open world game w/o exploration, only carnage and destruction. Sure its fun, but then the sandbox aspect dont play any role.
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jkhan  +   2365d ago
I don't really get it. I have read 3 reviews of this game so far and everyone seems to be bashing the game for its visuals, difficulty etc. etc. and yet they end up giving it somewhere between 7-8. I mean they don't seem to be pointing out any plus points of the game to justify 7-8 score.
Jamie Foxx  +   2365d ago
^exactly, but ohwell
ive seen streaming of this game and you wouldnt doubt if someone told you it was running on the original xbox even the ps2
Syronicus  +   2365d ago
It is interesting...
Didn't they give inFAMOUS a 7? With graphics not on par with inFAMOUS and game play that is not quite as much fun and a level of bland missions and such, Prototype should have respectfully gotten a slightly lower score yet they give it the same... Why is that?
harrisk954  +   2364d ago
What's amazing is
that everyone seems to be treating this game as if it is an Xbox exclusive, even though it is on the PS3 as well... Just because PS3 had inFamous, they all discount that PS3 also has Prototype. o_O
Equinoxe_7  +   2365d ago
Eurogamer are funny
If it have been Xbox360 only, Prototype have got an 8, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
YonasJonas  +   2365d ago
If there's one site I trust one bit it's Eurogamer.
Power_Of_Flops_  +   2365d ago
Well Eurogamer is among the few MS fanboy websites left, along with Gamesradar and Edge. So if you want true journalism and objectivity, go elsewhere.

IGN is by far the most reliable source for game reviews, giving realistic marks for both exclusives and multiplatform games.

Their take is Prototype is pretty average, in that case they gave roughly the same mark as Eurogamer.

But as someone said, on eurogamer, if the game was PS3 exclusive it would have got 6, and if it was 360 exclusive, it would have got 8 or 9.
YonasJonas  +   2365d ago
I agree. IGN is the site I take into most consideration when looking at scores.
Rock Bottom  +   2365d ago
Did you forgot the word "don't" in your first post?
Baka-akaB  +   2365d ago
I disagree Eurogamer isnt in some kind of allegiance with Microsoft , they are just incompetent and badly review games on 360 , pc , ps3 , and mmos ...
YonasJonas  +   2364d ago
I did forget "don't!"

Eurogamer is trash.
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PrimordialSoupBase  +   2364d ago
IGN don't even know how to use their scale. Any game with hype is scored on a 7-10 scale, hence everyone saying a game with a 7 is a flop. The website is ludicrous and misleading.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2365d ago
The scores are going down!!! ;-D
Anyone who was thinking of getting this over 'inFamous', get 'inFamous'(the 'AAA' ONLY ON PS3 game)!!!...erm well unless your a xFaceBookBot then you can't!!! ;-D
Then get 'KillZone 2' then(another 'AAA' PS3 ONLY game this year)...oh you can't!!! wonder why you bother with Micro$ofts Gaming(CHATING more like)Console for??? Oh well...
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TheMART  +   2365d ago
Yes, wasn't inFamous also a 7 out of 10 at Eurogamer?

inFamous is on 8.5 out of 10 on Metacritic
Prototype still has a higher rating then that.

It certainly looks more fun in the attacks one can do. I played the inFamous demo and found it boring in the attacks.
PeptoBismol  +   2365d ago
Mart, you don't have a PS3, so shut it already!
Nelson M  +   2364d ago
Mart you dont even complete Games
So Suck It
Your Gamertag is Proof of this
I've Seen it
And anything you say about any Games on the Xbox or the PS3 just aint Credible
Baka-akaB  +   2364d ago
Eurogamer is trash , whatever the platform involved , and prototype hardly received that many reviews yet .
There is a lot of time left to decide weither or not Prototype's overall score will remain superior .
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2364d ago
The Mart is right InFamous did score a 7 and it's like and 8.5 over all... <---GOTY stuff right there :D Meanwhile Red Faction scores better than both :D
xdye017  +   2365d ago
I'm waiting for Gamespot's review. I only trust those.
table  +   2365d ago
I'm a fan of gamespot also. Alot of people around here like to hold a vendetta against any site who give 1 score different to their opinion.
chidori666  +   2365d ago
Kain81  +   2365d ago
When will the Demo arrive on PSN/XBL
i will try it out, than i will make my own opinion.
animboo  +   2364d ago
from what i've heard, their wont be any demo of this game..
Rifle-Man  +   2364d ago
No demo, no buy for me. The Infamous demo was very convincing.
AllroundGamer  +   2365d ago
i finished the game yesterday, and i would also give it max 7/10, there were some flaws like the horrible targeting and controls which made it pretty frustrating...
fuckoffodion  +   2365d ago
that was quick.
How did it take to complete it? I figured there were tons of side-quests and stuff. I'm still on the fence on this one.
AllroundGamer  +   2364d ago
well i finished maybe half of the side missions, but there are only like 5 different types of them and then they are just repeating itself with higher difficulty... i also wondered why they didn't implement the destruction of buildings in the game, cause that was possible in Hulk Ultimate Destruction that was also the work of the same developer team...
Kain81  +   2365d ago
Both games are Good, dont Fight,
everyone has a other taste, someone like Infamous, and someone other like Prototype
Its only Prefenzes, you as a PS3 owner can Choose between them, or can buy both.
DELTABOY04  +   2365d ago
this review!!!
doesnt make since he listed a butt load of more problems for this game and even gave a nod to infamous but yet it managed to get the same score? either this guy overrated the game or he underrated infamous....lame ass review
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Kain81  +   2365d ago
iam agreed with your comment
but Eurogamer reviews are fishy in my opinion
table  +   2365d ago
when you just 'give the nod' to a game it means by a very small margin. He may well have found it more fun than infamous even though infamous had the better visuals and variety. When people are surprised by a reviews score being higher than they make it sound, you can put that down to fun.
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PotNoodle  +   2365d ago
Been playing the game for around 3 hours now..

SERIOUSLY disappointed, it is just one big gimmick, the big flashy moves, the speed, the jumping, its all gimmicky - it has no real substance, the writing is terrible and the pre rendered cutscenes suck the life out of the game.

The controls are bad, i feel like i'm just bashing buttons sometimes to get out of tricky situations simply because of how bad the controls are - its hard to get some good combo's out and be effective to get out of those situations.

I can see why activision didn't release a demo and have seemingly been holding reviews back - it isn't half as good as it looks in gameplay videos.
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PotNoodle  +   2364d ago
More of my impressions:
Rifle-Man  +   2364d ago
I thought the speed looked gimmicky too. In Infamous you have to climb pipes, jump from ledge to ledge, but in Prototype you just run up the side of a building. What fun is that?
chidori666  +   2365d ago
that and a punishment for bots because they always talked about infamous saying infamous is repetitive and boring .. take it bots.
DELTABOY04  +   2365d ago

"the reason you can't slip into comfortable rhythms isn't that the game is outthinking you; it's because it's out-spamming you, "

"the tougher infected enemies have a habit of pouncing and going into unblockable frenzies once you've had a few pops."

"Radical includes Crackdown-style orbs, but the poor draw distance means you stumble onto them rather than really discovering them"

i'm pretty sure he found infamous more fun....then frustrating..prototype sounds like the exact opposite.
table  +   2365d ago
"And hey again, even without your powers, you're still powerful, and by the time you reach the same stage of Mercer's evolution a couple of game-weeks later, you will not only feel like you've earned it, but you will have a greater understanding of every little thing, forged through exciting, brutal experiences that always emphasise your ridiculous, superheroic abilities."

I could pick and choose more just like yourself but I won't bother. My point is that the review for infamous and prototype are both fairly written.
peeps  +   2365d ago
it's good to see that a fair few actually read reviews now rather than just look at the score :) i'm not really sold on this game though. It sounds like it would be good to pick up if it's on offer/rent it, but not a day 1 purchase
sephy 9 2 5  +   2364d ago
what the Mart at xboxkings doesn't tell you is that Prototype only has 6 reviews posted and the scores (negative/positive) its been receiving recently have yet to be posted. Not sure who you're trying to mislead
peeps  +   2364d ago
i think your lost. this is the gamer zone
ZILLA  +   2364d ago
even DEAD SPACE cant run with inFAMOUS,and i thought that was the best game i played all year.PLAY B3YOND waaaaaaaaay B3YOND!!!
DA_SHREDDER  +   2364d ago
The ironic thing is that Cole being inFamous is somehow alot cooler then just being sadistic. To be sadistic you need stylistic rendering and a sweet ass story behind it. Mercer seems so emo. LOL.
DevilishSix  +   2364d ago
Good Score from Eurogamer
Infact its the same score they gave Infamous, which is one of the best games this year. Can't wait to play Prototype tonight.
Doletskaya  +   2364d ago
They said Infamous was better than Prototype,and yet these two games receive the same score from Eurogamer.
Looks like Eurogamer truly is Eurolamer.
Edit:And they are written by the same damn person.That person really needs to quit writing reviews coz he is a hypocrite
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onanie  +   2364d ago
It "isn't really a game of exploration". It's "also less visually striking and varied", and "victims may be plot, atmosphere and the difficulty curve". Well, what the heck, can't score it any less than a PS3 exclusive though, right?
Shadow Haze501  +   2364d ago
lol sh1tty game
Nergardless  +   2364d ago
let him
at least alot of guys here on n4g realize the hyprocrisy from eurogamer
to me it doesn't matter cause i will keep my hands off this game
reviews+the game itself shows me i save my money
one more thing-dont compare infamous(GOTY for me til now) to this game because infamous had alot more time in development so this comparision is just unfair
tiamat5  +   2364d ago
I'm just not feeling it. I never really liked this game from the beginning.It just doesn't feel right.It is exactly what it is and nothing else. A mindlessly violent game.Mercer is not even a hero. He just kills everybody while for some reason that they refuse to explain, his friends continue to talk to him and help him no matter how many people he murders.If the story is so good as people keep claiming then what is the explanation for that? He is a murderous, body stealing leech.This was my main turn off from the beginning. At least Cole considers what he does before he does it.No hero in the history of heroes ever, even the worst of the worst e.g. Spawn, Ghostrider, Venom,Punisher ever just ran around killing the guilty along with the innocent just because he can.
Anyway to tell you the truth I don't really care if Prototype is better than Infamous. I have other games that are coming out that I am rooting for like Batman AA, Bayonetta, Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank CIT and Tekken 6 to worry about some idiotic game made by the same idiots that made Scarface and Hulk games.

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