Turn 10 'running out of improvements' to make on Forza

Greenawalt told at E3 last week: "Basically we've proven ourselves, that we can deliver a simulator no-one else can touch. For this version we made improvements but we're actually running out of improvements to make because no-one else is doing the stuff we're doing."

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madmonkey03206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

they are really bigging themslves up for this one. it is getting abit annoying now. we will only see how good it really compares when GT5 comes out.
Despite all the talk, I think GT5 will leave turn 10 with a bad taste in their mouth.

Jamie Foxx3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

...or maybe just anything to do with green,xbox is green forzas directer is Dan GREENawalt

hmm green is evil :)

Syronicus3206d ago

I typically buy the Forza games but feel compelled to rent this time around. This smack talk that the Team 10 guys are doing is just pathetic and so Western minded. They need to show more respect for the competition and stop digging themselves a grave they might not be able to crawl out from.

Game13a13y3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

oh, how about trying to improve it by fitting everything in one disc?

Information Minister3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I have a feeling that this lame PR strategy of Turn 10 will end up backfiring.

They're not bringing any honor to the business and are in fact creating an image problem for themselves.

hay3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Despite how awesome their game can be, they shouldn't be so arrogant. I wonder why no one started to call them Turd 10 yet. With all respect to the game of course.

The smallest dog barks most, huh?

Perkel3206d ago

@ game13y13

pwnd ! xD

i add something..

try to add more than 8 cars. Because GT4 even had 8 cars and you are trying to be king beating GT5 (16 cars)

Rainstorm813206d ago

If Sony is arrogant, What is Turn 10???

Forza devs have never seen a next gen GT let alone they have never gone head to head with a GT game.

I think Turn 10 is going to dissappoint the fanboys they are so desperately trying to please when GT portable ends up being a better racing game, let alone GT5.

Bribes for poll votes & endless trash talking....... someone isnt too confident in their game

GTPSP > Forza 3 and the fanboys weep

Black Maverick3206d ago

I'm actually quite impressed with what I've seen from Forza 3 so far but Turn 10 are becoming the "definitive" douchebags of the racing community. There's really no need for all of this. If your game is really "OMG BEST EVA", then shut up and let your game doing all the talking.

fishd3206d ago

"Basically we've proven ourselves, that we can deliver a simulator no-one else can touch."

Really?with what?Forza 2?Release Forza 3 and then talk!

This is just disgusting,I wonder what he would have said if he was a PD employee!

I am GOD himself,bow to me!!!

BISHOP-BRASIL3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I like Forza and I'm sure they are pushing it as far as they can with their dev schedulle, bur this PR bullcrap will come in the way sooner or later...

Comments as "my game is better than anything else" or now "our game will be perfect, there is no much more room for improvement" aren't just not necessary, they are dispensable.

When Forza comes out, people will remember this sh!t, and Forza will be hardly judged... And I'm not even talking about review scores only, media will be pretty negative in this previews stage already if Dan keep talking this much promises they can't deliver.

Right now Forza lack in graphics if compared to GT5 or NFSS, all in preview stage to launch around xmas. The cars list is also relativelly short. There is room for media bashing already...

ultimolu3206d ago

*groans* These guys need to shutup.

They're running out of improvements?


3206d ago
Downtown boogey3206d ago a plurarity of people at E3/post-E3 so he pretty much said the same things to everyone separately and now we're getting each statement posted here - separately.

poindat3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Running out of improvements? They are setting themselves up for failure big-time here. There is ALWAYS something that can be improved. This is why it has taken so long to develop Gran Turismo 5, Gran Turismo PSP, Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction, GTA IV, etc, etc. All some of them have had belated developing times, and all of them had, or will, be extremely high-quality games. And even then they all could/will have benefited from additional improvements and polish.

If he thinks he is running out of improvements, maybe the Forza team should just release the game now. I bet he will think otherwise after that.

JokesOnYou3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I didn't see anything wrong with their first few statements essentially "hyping" their game, I see it as well deserved pride because the game itself is looking amazing, but I agree Turn 10 should JUST SHUT UP at this point. I don't think ANYTHING they say will stop Forza fans from buying this game but maybe some of the neutral folks may be a little turned off so I do think talking too much can have a negative effect from a PR point of view the media obviously loves blowing it out of porportion. Again the game looks awesome 360 fans have every right to *believe it surpasses GT franchise but the DEVS SHOULD NOT ACT LIKE THE FANS, let the game do the talking cause its speaks LOUD AND CLEAR for itself.

-arrghhh Damm, I hate agreeing with these sony folks, but this time they have a legit point.


skimming3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

GT5 and Forza are both exclusives for the respective systems at hand. I think Forza guys are egging on the GT5 folks to further delay the release of GT5.

To wit, they are emphasizing some features that Forza has which GT5 does not and continually bashing GT5 over the head with the said feature sets. I believe they are doing this to goad GT5 folks into putting these features into their own game. To claim the "Best" title.

The single reason for doing this is to force GT5 folks into delaying their release of GT5 until after the holiday season this year.

If delayed until early next year then GT5 will definitely sell less than if released holiday this year. As the games are exclusives, release dates will have little impact on the other's game sales but the later release date of GT5 will impact PS3 console sales quite a bit for the holiday season.

prunchess3206d ago

NASCAR is as American as apple pie. (LOL what a cheesy saying) And since the US is the 360's primary market, Polyphony getting NASCAR has definitely rattled Turn 10 and MS. So now it's damage limitation time....

You all know the ploy, if your going to tell a lie make sure it's an absolute humdinger and get as many people as possible to repeat it as often as possible. Eventually you’ll get a section of the market that will swear it’s true and the rest of us will just laugh at the ludicrous statement that will follow.

Forza is Forza, no matter how much it wants to be GT.

Thugbot1873206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

@Raiinstorm81 - umm none of us have really seen a Next Gen GT team, demos don't count.

Agreed Turn 10 needs to shut up. Sit back and let their game do the talking. Good to be happy, bad to brag.

Megatron083206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

JoY I doubt to many non fan (minus ps3 fanboys) read what turn 10 has to say so I dont think it hurts them either way.

poindat GTA4 wasnt delayed to add improvements it was delay cause of the ps3 and it went backward from GTA:SA/VC/3. GT5 its taken them 3 years of delays to add damage. I dont know that there were any 'improvements" made to KZ2, LBP or Alan wake they just delayed these games

I find it funny that all the ps3 fanboy talk smack about Forza when all GT does is add more cars and upgrade the graphics for each installment. At least they are making imporvements with Forza. A track editor be nice for them to add to forza 4

potenquatro3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

forza is one of my favorite franchise of all time. But all this bragging is getting rediculous. Just give us the game and stfu. But then again...This site has so many fanboys reporting gabagge, I don't know if they're doing it on purpose just so people get annoyed.

EDIT: @ shadow flare. Your on an MS related article and you've said
"i don't respect microsoft, that is why whenever i come on n4g i trash microsoft". Pls go to the open zone with your comments regarding MS

edhe3206d ago

And what if they're vindicated, and it really is the best racing game of this generation from casual to core & beyond ?

Then PD will be sucking eggs, wondering where their money went.

phosphor1123206d ago

PD will ALWAYS find something to improve on. Kaz even think's his ideal racing sim isn't even halfway achieved. While Turn 10, the baby in the industry is already claiming they have no more to improve on.


Richdad3206d ago

people comparing GT5 to FOrza 3 when in the given article Turn 10 just themselves didnt compared it. They just said that theya re running out of improvement means that all the features they wanted to implemented in FOrza3 are well implemented no comparision to GT5. Then why do people run the gun off and give chance to reporters to earn for free.

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jkhan3206d ago

Ok that is enough, I mean seriously, let your game do the talking. I loved forza 2 & I definitely liked what I saw with Forza 3, but this is just getting lame. I don't have any respect for Turn10 anymore. i hate it when devs instead of talking about features in there game start comparing there games with rival games by saying oh the other game doesn't have that and this. Come on they are acting like five years old. Turn10 you have an excellent game in your hands and every 360 owners loves and respect it. Lets keep it that way, don't downgrade yourself with these petty comparisons.

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Clap Your Hands3206d ago

My god, they are turning into crazy Tomonobu Itagaki...

Kleptic3206d ago

exactly...yesterday the front page hottest articles where some stupid comment from Itagaki...yet again being a miserable douche...and this out of no where Turn 10 guy saying how unbelievalbe Forza 3 is...

there has not been a single real GT sequel since the FIRST Forza came out...thats 3 games inside of the development of just ONE gran turismo sequel...

the point is...none of this matters...this is the racing genre equivelent of Splinter Cell vs. Metal Gear Solid...Ubisoft came out with a successful IP initially, but never put any real dent on MGS as a franchise...and then threw as many titles out as humanly possible, as fast as possible, to stay relevant in the genre...

Forza is splinter cell...they are not bad games...i'm not saying that...but do they deserve some douche bag screaming to anyone that will listen that they are the 'definitive racing games of this generation?'...I personally would wait to see what the competition offers before stating such a bold claim...especially when you are going up against a 50 million plus sold franchise that has a developer thats been working on the next title for several years longer than they have...

one would put the term 'definitive' towards a game that has no real rival...kind of funny then that GT5's single teaser already illustrated which is the better looking game...and PD has already confirmed features that Forza 3 does not by day Turn 10 appears more and more lame...

resistance1003206d ago

Just STFU Turn 10, your doing your game more harm than good. Not only will you put people agaisn't you. You also are setting yourself up for a bigger downfall if your game doesn't live up to the hype.

Kleptic3206d ago

Forza is the kind of game that brings newer people that are not really into the automotive industry into 'sim racing'...if you are into that kind of thing, you already know what GT is...and if you like racing are already eagerly waiting for GT5...

and I agree...this is probably more harm than good...a lot of indifferent, non racing fans could be reading this...seeing some dev whining about how GT hasn't done anything compared to them...and think 'why is this guy constantly talking about GT and how he thinks his game is better?'...and then look at GT...maybe going to the point of seeing just how well known it you can see GT as a sponser on real world racing you can see full articles in major automotive magazines talking about the next gran turismo...

Forza isn't that...outside of the xbox community...its nothing...they get good reviews and are a great alternative to people that do not own a Sony console...but please...the definitive racing franchise is NOT forza 3...nor will it ever be as long as Sony and PD are behind GT games...