Did Microsoft Steal the Show? That Aussie Gamecast E3 Wrap-Up

This year's E3 was the most exciting and announcement filled videogame press conference in recent years, so That Aussie Gamecast is sitting down and discussing what they loved, what they hated and where they think videogames are heading for the rest of the year and beyond.

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-MD-3089d ago

We still talking about E3? The conferences were 9 days ago give it a rest.

thataussiegamesite3089d ago

... we promise to never talk about E3 2009 again.

On an unrelated topic, did you guys see The Beatles at E3 2009?

paracardium3089d ago

NO! everyone knows who had the best showing and it wasn't MS.

-MD-3089d ago

Microsoft won champ everyone knows it.

BubbleSystemSuck3089d ago

microsoft steal everything...

Johnny Rotten3089d ago

Last year it was the Mii's, this year was the eyetoy.

-MD-3089d ago

Microsoft were working on their avatar system before the Miis were even shown to the public.

There's an entire article on kotaku about Rare and their avatar history.

You sure do deserve those bubbles.

-MD-3089d ago

First they stole Metal Gear then they stole the show =D

skatezero2463089d ago

not in my opinion they showed great stuff, but I'm more interested in what Sony showed. It comes down to what games you like and your opinion