Three New Guitar Hero World Records Set

The new Guinness World Records set included the Longest Note Streak on Guitar Hero, with a score of 3,722 and 100% on the track Through the Fire and the Flames during which he also beat his previously held record for the Highest Score For a Single Track on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Xbox 360) with a score of 985,206.

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table3352d ago

if only people put this much effort into playing a real guitar. I've never played a guitar hero or any similar game in my life and i don't intend to... unless they brought out a django reinhardt guitar hero ;)

kornbeaner3352d ago

I hear people use that argument all the time, but in reality the two are so far apart. If we take 1 person who has never done neither, it would take that person about 2 weeks just to get proper control of his hand to play a real guitar and thats just a few chords. While in that same time that same person can master pretty match the whole game on Medium difficulty. Also to learn a real guitar you have to set time aside to learn it since even an acoustic can be pretty noisy which can cause a whole range of problems within your home and/or with neighbors depending on how understanding those people tend to be. While with guitar hero you put on some head phones and most anybody would hear are some clicks and flicks but nothing close to a strum on a real guitar.

In the end both are very different and while I think learning a real guitar is more fulfilling it is also about 10x harder to learn depending on the person. Comparing my time with both in about a months time I had mastered GH3 on hard and got most of the expert songs down to the point where I could pass them on a regular bases. While on a real guitar in the same time I mastered a few chords and single note intros. Mainly "Stairway to heaven" and "Adam Song". Again that is my experience with both and different people may have different results but real guitar is way more difficult to learn then guitar hero and for some people its just not worth it.