Kombo: E3 2009: Red Steel 2 Hands-On

Kombo writes: "It's easy enough to dismiss Red Steel 2 after the hype train crashed, burned, and exploded in 2005. Over a million gamers were duped into buying the original launch title. I wasn't just dismissing Red Steel 2, though; I was avoiding it and casting a nasty glare its direction every time it passed into my peripheral vision on the show floor. I was a little bitter, but can you really blame me?

Here I am though, sitting in front of my computer, foot firmly planted in mouth. Red Steel 2 is fantastic. This game has nearly nothing in common with its predecessor. The art style is now that of a stylized western set in the present day. Its cel-shaded graphics look competent but not astounding, however it is the gameplay that stands out. Built with Wii Motion Plus in mind Red Steel 2 mixes swords and guns. Wisely, the designers have given the player the choice to use either weapon at any time..."

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