Kombo: E3 2009: Heavy Rain Hands-On

Kombo writes: "Until now Heavy Rain has existed to me in much the same way as the Sasquatch; a mythical entity that promises to be glorious and wonderful, and which may also possess some magic properties, yet forever unseen. Oh sure, like anyone else I had seen screens and video clips of the game, but screens are easy to doctor or spruce up, and video is deceiving, you never can tell if what you're seeing is real in-game footage or merely smoke and mirrors. Rather, the only way to truly believe in a game is to put a controller in your hands and play it, and that's what I finally had a chance to do on the very last day of this year's E3 with Heavy Rain.

Our demo picked up somewhere around the middle of the game with Norman Jayden, and FBI agent and one of the title's four rotating main characters. Norman, like the others, is attempting to track down the Origami Killer and while on the trail of a stolen car his search has brought him to a junk yard. Seems like the owner may know something, but you can bet he's not going to simply cooperate with a Fed and be on his merry way..."

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