Kombo: E3 2009: Alpha Protocol Hands-On

Kombo writes: "Nowadays, games are all about offering freedom to the players; freedom to look and behave however you want, as well as play in whatever style most befits your personal preferences. Oftentimes, the results are quite shallow, merely changing your character's appearance slightly or giving you a different ending. But what if there was a game where basically every decision you made had a major impact on nearly every aspect of the experience? How would players feel about a game where they honestly never have the same experience twice? Well that question might not be rhetorical for much longer, as Alpha Protocol is setting out to rewrite all the rules, and the results have the potential to be downright overwhelming.

Our demo took us through a Moscow train station on the hunt for a weapons shipment. Our standing orders were to find the gun cache and destroy it, but depending on when you've arrived at the depot in your playthrough (mission structure isn't linear, you always have the choice to go to a bunch of different places) you may also have the option to reroute the weapons to an arms dealer for a tidy profit and a discount on future purchases. Of course, disobeying your handlers will piss off the folks back at HQ, and since they're the ones ultimately footing the bill for your escapades it's dangerous to get on their bad side..."

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