x360a: E3 2009: Section 8 Hands On Preview

x360a writes: "SouthPeak weren't showing much at E3 for the Xbox 360 this year but what they were showing though, the small publisher had high hopes for. On their booth was a totally reworked Raven Squad and their upcoming sci-fi first person shooter from TimeGate Studios (FEAR Files), Section 8. We got the chance to go hands on with Section 8's multiplayer on the show floor and as usual, we like to stick our noses in and report back on how the title is shaping up.

Section 8's multiplayer mode is set to feature a standard 16 player set-up, allowing 32 players to play on a dedicated server. The multiplayer mode we took part in consisted of 2 teams of 8 facing off against one another in a race to score 1000 points. The ability to score points rested on two fundamental design features; one, you can score a small amount of points by killing opponents, and two, you can gain big point pickups by fulfilling the map objectives that randomly crop up. So one minute you could be escorting an AI driven VIP from one side of the map to the other, and the next, you could be asked to infiltrate enemy lines to place explosives on various waypoints..."

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