Cities XL: Last Day For Beta Sign Ups

IncGamers reports that registrations for the closed beta of the upcoming city building MMO, Cities XL, will close today.

Anyone hoping to be in the CBT should register before around 19:00 British Summer Time today.

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Maticus3395d ago

What an improvement from Sim City!

Leord3395d ago

Is it the same guys doing it?

Cogo3395d ago

No. these guys are caleld "Monte Cristo"

Dorjan3395d ago

SimCity online beta ends... wait a second...

Leord3395d ago

Bloody N4G ate my comment.

Anyway, thrilled to finally see a city building MMO.

There. Please don't eat this comment :(

Cogo3395d ago

Always select text and copy to clip board before posting, whatever site your'e on.

Malfurion3395d ago

This is going to be SO addictive - I can just tell :)